Most Beautiful Villages in Portugal

Most Beautiful Villages in Portugal

Small in size but big in cultural clout, historic charm and, of course, bewitching beauty, Portugal’s villages harbour the nation’s most authentic spirit. They are places to slow down and appreciate the smaller things in life: traditional food in a hilltop village looking over the Alentejo, indulgent wines in the opulent hubs of the Douro Valley or leisurely hikes between tiny coastal hamlets. Let our Portugal trip through the most beautiful villages in the country begin…


  1. Comporta
  2. Monsaraz
  3. Sagres
  4. Amarante
  5. Angra do Heroísmo



Calm Coastal Luxury in Reach of Lisbon

The first of our picks of the most beautiful villages in Portugal is not only one of the most picturesque, but also one of the most accessible, being less than a two-hour drive away from bustling Lisbon. This might lead you to think of Comporta as an overcrowded fly-and-flop destination, yet it is somehow the complete opposite, having retained its longstanding charm as an affluent, low-key coastal haunt. That means no tacky resorts, no sky rises and certainly no booming nightclubs. The village itself delights with its authentic style – think white-washed townhouses with azure accents, boho-chic boutique hotels and plenty of stylish shops and restaurants. And then there’s the nature. Oh the nature. Long stretches of pristine, sandy beach bordered by frothy blue waters and laid-back beach bars. For something extra special, ourt team of experts can arrange everything from spa treatments and bike rentals in the village to horse riding and picnics on the beach.



Historic Immersion in the Alentejo

Southern Portugal’s enchanting Alentejo region covers a whopping one third of the country’s landmass, stretching from the Tejo River right down to the mountains of the Algarve. The region is filled with cork plantations, wheat fields, vineyards and, of course, plenty of picturesque villages. One of our particular favourites is Monsaraz, a medieval walled hamlet that wows lucky visitors with its whimsical beauty and historical charm. Perched high above the Guadiana River are a network of winding cobbled streets bordered classic white-washed houses with beautiful views as the far as the eye can stretchsee. There is also a fantastic collection of historical sites in and around the village, including castles, megaliths and neolithic tombs. You are also in a working wine region, so a lunch and tasting at one of our favourite wineries is an absolute must.



Coastal Fun on the Algarve

Tucked away at the end of the world (okay, just at the end of the Portugal’s southwest coast), the teeny-tiny hamlet of Sagres acts as a tranquil antidote to the tourist-craze that has engulfed much of the Algarve. Locals here live life to the beat of their own drum: surfing, exploring, relaxing and generally just keeping their noses out of what’s going on elsewhere. It’s a place where travellers keen to get off the beaten path can peel away the layers of everyday life and dedicate their days to soaking in the dramatic coastal beauty on display. We can arrange guided beach-hopping hikes along the coast, sailing trips past monolithic limestone cliffs to deserted coves and visits to the village’s charming historic sites.




Wining in the Douro Valley

Just an hour’s drive away from bustling Porto is one of Northern Portugal’s best kept secrets: Amarante. This riverside town showcases a dizzying mixture of Renaissance, Medieval, and Romanesque properties, which climb up the lush hillside, merging seamlessly with the wine vineyards beyond. After spending a morning pottering through the village, delighting in the architectural details revealed at very corner, we can have you whisked off into the countryside to enjoy a tasting session at a classic port wine producing estate. The Douro Valley is the world’s oldest official wine region and, to this day, is still an important producer of a wide variety of wines. The valley is also seriously beautiful. We’re talking rows and rows of grapevines layered into the riverside hills in a wild yet pristine fashion, only punctuated by the occasional smattering of traditional houses or a grand estate.


Angra do Heroísmo

Island Life in the Azores

Our final pick of the most beautiful villages in Portugal takes us miles away from the mainland, into an archipelago climbing out of the vast North Atlantic ocean: the Azores. Perched on the coast of Terceira Island, Angra (as the locals call it) is a UNESCO-listed village steeped in traditional beauty – think pastel coloured townhouses and terracotta roofs; cobbled streets and historic sites; and rolling emerald hills and cobalt-blue waters. Couple this with its wondrous natural surroundings and you have a village just waiting to be holidayed in. Our team of experts can tailor your time in Angra to your fancy. You can spend your days watching local theatre of opera performances, exploring natural pools and extinct volcanoes or simply kicking back in an opulent country house by the sea.


Header image by Olivier Romano