Moroc-go! Off the Beaten Track Highlights of Southern Morocco

Moroc-go! Off the Beaten Track Highlights of Southern Morocco

A holiday to Morocco brings to mind reams of exotic images... browsing colourful souqs in the bustling streets of Marrakech, rejuvenating yourself at a Hammam spa, and tucking into a tasty tagine for tea. However, sometimes the most beautiful, romantic spots are found when you head off the beaten track. Enter: Southern Morocco. Enriched with culture, history, and awe-inspiring views, this lesser trod part of Morocco is packed full of promise. Take a tour of the region and you'll discover some seriously cool surprises along the way...


History in Amtoudi

Really off the beaten track, away from the obvious hotspots, Amtoudi is a small Berber village that's a must for anybody who wants to experience authentic village life. Home to around 300 families, this is the oldest and most well-preserved agadir (ancient grain storage facility) in North Africa, meaning that the village is brimming with history. Accompanied by friendly local guides, learn about the region's past and hike along narrow trails to enjoy some of the best views over the surrounding desert mountain landscape.


Wildlife Wonders at Lake Iriqui

Iriqui National Park is the largest park in Morocco and one of the best places to experience a camel ride across the savannah. During the journey, look out for ostriches, gazelles and hyenas that live in the park, as well as migratory birds - including flamingos, coots and geese - that visit Lake Iriqui when it transforms into a wetland following rainfall. For the romantically inclined, camp under the twinkling stars in your own very own luxury tent; completely secluded, blanketed beneath the warm night's sky, this is the ultimate overnight stay for couples who want to get away from it all and be at one with nature.


Tree-Climbing Goats in the Argan Valley

South from Marrakech, valleys are filled with Argania spinosa - also known as argan trees - whose fruits are used to make oils and cosmetics around the world. However, these distinct trees are popular with nimble-footed goats who climb up to nibble on the bitter fruit , and seeing them perch on branches is quite the sight. Although some locals are goading the goats to climb for tourist photos, wander further into southern Morocco away from the crowds and see this sight for yourself.


Petal Pathways in the Sahara Desert

Conclude your Moroccan adventure in the city of Ouarzazate. Nestled at the edge of the Sahara Desert - it's often called the Door of the Desert - enjoy divine dinners looking up at the nearby Atlas Mountains and across the rocky landscapes that have been the backdrop for numerous films and television shows. Unwind in a beautiful Kasbah and wander along petal pathways in the graceful valley of roses, then end your day by indulging yourself at a Hammam spa with bespoke massages and cleansing baths that are guaranteed to leave you feeling truly relaxed and perfectly pampered.