Luxury Hotels in Swedish Lapland

Luxury Hotels in Swedish Lapland

Aurora Safari Camp

Snow and camping aren't usually natural bedfellows, but don't worry, we haven't completely lost the plot. Aurora Safari camp offers a 'glamping' experience in the wilderness of Swedish Lapland and the Rane River Valley.

Guests spend the night in traditional Nordic designed Lavvu tents, with comfortable beds and arctic sleeping bags. In addition there are armchairs and wood burners in the tents to warm up a winter night. The eco-loos and washrooms are outside the tents, adding to the adventure of the trip.

When the outside temperature falls to anywhere between -5 to -30, the lounge tent is a great cosy retreat where guests can drink, eat around an open fire and relax. There is also a small sauna to warm up those winter evenings.

Set well inside the Arctic Circle, the camp is an ideal place to see the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) and explore Swedish forests and lakes. For the more active traveller - there are a range of winter activities on offer, such as dog sledding, snowmobiling, reindeer spotting and snowshoe walks where guests are guided through the silence of the winter forest.

Why We Love It

The Aurora Safari Camp specialises in Photography courses and inspiration tours, hosted by camp founder and former professional photographer Fredrik Broman.


Brandon Lodge

Overlooking a vast expanse of frozen sea, Brandon Lodge is a cosy and comfortable lodge in the heart of Swedish Lapland.

All 15 cabins of the timber lodge face the Bothnian sea - which is frozen solid in winter - and have been tastefully renovated with ensuite bathrooms, a living area and a covered porch so an evening gazing at the Northern Lights is possible just a step outside the door. Hot tubs and saunas are also available for those who need a little relaxation or to warm up after a day in the great outdoors, because Swedish Lapland is the place for adventure and adrenaline-inducing activities.

The hotel is uniquely positioned to offer hovercraft tours on ice, undoubtedly one of the most exciting experiences around. Whizzing across the ice is not for the faint hearted, but it certainly shows the majesty of this extraordinary landscape. Or should that be icescape. Ice fishing trips are also available with a knowledgeable guide who can explain traditional hunting ways, and it's an exciting moment when your efforts are rewarded. Finally, a snowmobile tour of the forests shows the rugged wilderness of Swedish Lapland at its finest.

Why We Love It

Remote, cosy and comfortable - Brandon Lodge is the perfect place to retreat to after a day filled with adrenaline-fuelled activities.


Pine Bay Lodge

Pine Bay Lodge is a charming, homely lodge in the heart of Swedish Lapland, where guests can spend days indulging in a range of adventurous activities, and nights wrapped up warm and in search of the beautiful Aurora Borealis.

From the red cottage exterior to the traditional design of the bedrooms, Pine Bay Lodge is a homely lodge that offers up adventurous activities right on its doorstep. There are eight bedrooms, each with ensuite bathrooms that offer a cosy retreat after a day in the snowy outdoors. The open plan dining and seating area of the hotel is a central place to put your feet up and enjoy some typical Swedish cuisine. This could be anything from reindeer to moose, cloudberries or arctic char and head chef Frans Hedblad prides himself on the use of predominantly home-grown ingredients. This being Sweden, the hotel wouldn't be complete without a sauna.

The reason to come to Swedish Lapland is for the range of high octane and exciting activities available and Pine Bay Lodge can arrange adrenaline-charged adventures from driving a team of huskies and snowmobiling across the vast Swedish archipelago, to high class cookery lessons. As darkness falls, the beautiful glimmers of the Northern Lights will hopefully be there to tempt you back outdoors as the Aurora Borealis is a wonder not to be missed.

Why We Love It

Only about 2% of Swedish Lapland is inhabited or cultivated, so for those who want to hunker down in the wilderness in comfort, Pine Bay is the perfect choice.


Sörbyn Lodge

Sörbyn Lodge is located on a stunning lake sheltered by towering pine trees. This cosy lodge offers warmth and comfort in between adrenaline-fuelled adventures.

There are five old-style timber cabins and eight newly built hotel rooms. Each room is furnished with Scandinavian style in mind, reflecting both the climate and setting. Four-bed cabins are available, complete with a kitchenette, and are suitable for families.

Using organic locally sourced produce the cuisine combines traditional Swedish flavours with global finesse. For a real au naturel experience, guests can taste the natural spring water from the underground sources of Lake Vittrasket, served straight or, if you prefer, slightly sparkling.

A wood-fired sauna is available for guests seeking warm refuge after a day in the great outdoors. In between the heart-warming experience guests can cool down with a refreshing beer.

Within close proximity to Sorbyn village there are plenty of activities to enjoy, from a sledging tour with pure-bred huskies in the winter to fishing all-year round. Ski fanatics can hit the slopes during the winter months.

Why We Love It

A warm cosy refuge - Sörbyn Lodge is the perfect place to rest your feet in between outdoorsy adventures.


Arctic Bath

A unique hotel in the serene landscape of Swedish Lapland, Arctic Bath is an architectural gem - inspired by nature - that floats in the summer and freezes over in the winter. With a giant ice bath in its centre ringed with saunas and relaxation rooms, this quirky property offers spa-seekers the ultimate arctic getaway.

There are 12 private cabins in total at the hotel - six floating cabins with private access to shore via footbridges and six on land. Complete with minimalist Scandi furnishings, wood-burning stoves to cosy up by, and skylights for romantic night-time Northern lights gazing, the rooms here are designed perfectly to showcase the exceptional environment.

The real highlight here - besides the dreamy surroundings - is the wonderful wellness treatments on offer. When you're not experiencing the jolting thrill of jumping between ice-cold tubs, toasty-warm baths and sweating it out in the saunas, indulge in a soothing massage or - more niche - a 'bespoke crystal healing session'.

Continuing the theme of wellness, the cuisine here - designed around local ingredients - has a real focus on health and nutrition from the menus down to the snacks and smoothies. All in all, a stay here has everything you need to leave you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and utterly spoilt.

Why We Love It

This unusual hotel in Swedish Lapland gives you the chance to enjoy the region throughout the year, with sunbathing and spa treatments in the summer, and sauna and snow pampering during the winter.


Arctic Retreat

Deep in the heart of Swedish Lapland's Rane River Valley, Arctic Retreat is a luxurious and contemporary eco-lodge which offers the ultimate escape whether you're after a peaceful retreat or an adventurous getaway.

Three traditional log cabins sleeping a maximum of ten guests form the accommodation at the lodge. Inside, the interiors are cosy and welcoming with roaring fireplaces to snuggle up next to on colder nights, and private saunas and outdoor Jacuzzis to soak in. Bedrooms are in the loft as well as downstairs in the larger family cabins, and in the lounge area floor to ceiling windows offer panoramic views of the river.

Stays at Arctic Retreat are on a full board basis and meals can be enjoyed in the main restaurant or out in the wilderness while on excursions. Cuisine is very much part of the experience here and the expert chefs aim to use organic, locally-sourced ingredients to create Swedish-style, home-cooked meals.

There are a multitude of activities to enjoy from the lodge including Northern Lights tours, snowmobile safaris, husky sledding, local Sami family visits and moose safaris. For the more adventurous, cross country skiing and snowshoe walks can also be organised.

Why We Love It

With roaring fireplaces, private saunas and outdoor Jacuzzis, you'll be cosy and snug on the coldest of nights.


Sapmi Nature Camp

Immerse yourself in nature with a stay in the award-winning Sapmi Nature Camp, a sustainable, small-scale camp on the edge of the snowy Swedish wilderness in the north of the country. Run by local Sami people, a stay here gives you the chance to enjoy a remote and unspoilt wilderness in an authentic way. Leave with a deep appreciation for Mother Nature and a renewed passion to protect it.

Elegant Scandinavian-style tepees form the accommodation in this wild wonderland. Fitted with comfortable double beds and cosy stoves and decorated with furnishings inspired by nature and the Sami culture, the lavvu tents offer the perfect glamping experience. The camp sleeps up to ten guests at one time meaning that you're guaranteed an intimate stay.

Dining here is a celebration of the freshest forest-to-fork food. Forage for berries and feast on freshly-caught fish and reindeer meat each day. Enjoy your meals in the central restaurant cabin and help prepare the food as you listen to fascinating stories about the local Sami people.

Run by Lennart Pittja who grew up in a reindeer herding family where the camp is based, a stay in Sapmi Camp allows you to share in his expert knowledge and experience of the region and the local communities who live here. During the Autumn and Winter, spend your time here foraging for food, fishing, going on guided hikes and learning how to take the perfect photograph of the stunning Northern Lights.

Why We Love It

Get back to nature as you spend your time here foraging for food, fishing and going on guided hikes.