Luxury Hotels in Reykjavik

Luxury Hotels in Reykjavik

Hilton Nordica

Though by no means a beautiful building, the Nordica offers extremely comfortable accommodation and excellent facilities.

The interior design is contemporary, light and spacious, and the rooms are decorated in a refined Nordic style.

The spa and fitness centre is the finest in Reykjavik and offers everything from a vigorous workout to a relaxing massage. Its facilities include Jacuzzis, aroma steam rooms and an outdoor log-cabin sauna.

The hotel's excellent Vox restaurant and bar is overseen by an award-winning chef and offers classic Icelandic and continental cuisine.

Why We Love It

Only five minutes' walk from a large outdoor park, geo-thermal swimming pool, and the Botanic Gardens, this is the hotel to choose if you prefer not to be right in the middle of noisy downtown Reykjavik.


Hotel Borg

Good things happen when you least expect them, and certainly no one would have expected that a hotel designed by an Icelandic wrestler in the 1930's would become one of Reykjavik's most charismatic hotels. Art Deco to its core, Hotel Borg is enduringly elegant and proudly stands next to Parliament and the National Cathedral.

The 56 individually designed rooms have made a few concessions to the passing of time- flat screen televisions, sound systems, gigantic shower heads- but the geometric headboards and parquet floors ensure that the hotel retains its authentic charm. Photographs from Reykjavik's history adorn the walls and offer an insight into the city's rich past.

The hotel's Borg Restaurant provides a gentle introduction to some of Iceland's more adventurous delicacies- goose, eel and reindeer- whilst also serving a delectable range of cocktails.

Why We Love It

Established in 1930, the Hotel Borg's original owner was the pioneer of providing fine accommodation and dining in Iceland and that principle still applies.