Greek Island Hopping: Santorini

Greek Island Hopping: Santorini

The continuation of Flora's Greek Odyssey sees her exploring sublime Santorini, perhaps the most famous of Greece's islands, famous for its giant sea-filled caldera created by an ancient volcanic eruption.


Do look down...

After a lifetime spent pretending not to have inherited my mother's vertigo (standing on a chair is usually enough to give me wobbly legs) I was utterly amazed that the sheer drops of the Caldera had absolutely no effect on me; either I have been cured or, as I suspect is more likely, Santorini is just so beautiful that I was basically hypnotized for my entire stay. Yes, we've all seen the photos of the sunsets and white houses but my goodness it doesn't do it justice. In fact, I would quite happily fling myself off the cliff, if it meant that my last view of Earth would be the indigo blue waters of the Aegean lapping against the volcano.


κρασί και τον πολιτισμό...

Gorgeous panoramas aside, Santorini also produces some of the best wines in Greece, and these are best enjoyed on a private terrace as the sun goes down. I can think of no happier way to spend a day than pottering around a vineyard or two before indulging in a glass (or several) of the island's finest. For those feeling worthy, there are some interesting bits of ruin to go and have a look at on Santorini's less precipitous southern reaches. The volcanic beaches and perilous landscape mean that the island couldn't be less suitable for toddling munchkins and I hope it doesn't make me sound too much of a grouch to say that, occasionally, that can be utterly blissful.


The hotels aren't bad either...

Santorini's luxury hotels are perched on the cliffs of the caldera which means that not only are the views heavenly, but I have also developed thighs like Chris Hoy from clambering up and down about 10,000 steps a day visiting them all; you're welcome. We really suffer for our art here at Original Travel.

If you're planning a honeymoon, weekend escape, or just a thoroughly self-indulgent couple of days, then you can't do much better than Santorini.