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Find Your Travel Tribe

Find Your Travel Tribe

Which Travel Tribe do you belong to? Perhaps you're a Gastronomic Globetrotter; you crave the delectable delights of the world's best foodie destinations. Or maybe you're a Lounger Lizard, chasing the sun around the globe one deck chair at a time. Or are you a Culture Vulture, enjoying nothing more than gnawing on the bones of the finest museums, galleries and theatres? Well, wonder not because the Original Travel Human Behavioural Studies Department (sounds dangerous) has come up with a truly groundbreaking survey (read: 45 second quiz) to delve into your inner psyche (with intensely scientific questions like 'what do you seek?' and 'who are you like?') so you can find your very own Travel Tribe. And once you've taken the quiz, here are a few of our favourite destinations...


The Gastronomic Globetrotter: San Sebastian, Spain

San Sebastian has more Michelin stars per capita than Tokyo and Manhattan, which is saying something. Its traditional pintxos (Basque tapas) has taken gastronomy to new heights with secret societies popping up across the city dedicated to the dinky delights. Simply wander the city's narrow winding streets, soaking up the small town vibes and stopping off at cafes and bars en route.


The Winter Sun Seeker: Oman

Autumn is officially here; one minute we were basking in the warmest September day on record, the next we were digging out our winter coats and re-familiarising ourselves with the concept of scarves. And this can mean only one thing: time to start thinking about winter sun. Oman, at just a seven and a half hour flight away, is the perfect option with its chic boutique hotels, lovely beaches, desert adventures and wall-to-wall sunshine.


The Bucket Lister: Japan

Tick Tock, that bucket list won't empty itself. Japan is one of a very few places that manages to seamlessly blend ancient with modern, where ultra-modern skyscrapers cast their shadows over idiosyncratic districts comprising traditional wooden houses, religious shrines and tranquil parks lined with cherry blossom. And that's before we've mentioned the food, which is on the UNESCO list of Intangible Cultural Heritage.


The Antiquity Adventurer: Peru

Peru is one of the all-time classic destinations for Antiquity Adventurers; fascinating ancient history, colonial heritage and colourful indigenous culture. The likes of Cusco and Machu Picchu have garnered iconic status over the years but scratch beneath the surface a little more and you'll find wonderful colonial-era towns like Arequipa, stunning landscapes like that of the Sacred Valley and legacies from other ancient civilisations like the Nazca Lines.