Exploring Dubrovnik's Old Town

Exploring Dubrovnik's Old Town

Just a couple of steps in and already you feel like you stepped back in time! A UNESCO world heritage site filled with steep alley stairways and marching guards; just a handful of things which make Dubrovnik's Old Town so special.


""What can you do in the Old Town?"" I hear you cry

Most of you will recognise Dubrovnik from the Game of Thrones series and although it looks like it's just full of old buildings and cool selfie opportunities, the City Walls are actually full to the brim of shopping possibilities (for you spenders), seriously good restaurants (for you foodies) and even its very own luxury hotel, the Pucic Palace.


Calling All Thrill Seekers

If adventure is what you're after, the Old Town's main attraction is the one for you! For just 100 Kuna (about £10) you can climb the half-a-mile walkway around the whole of the battlement and even abseil down!

Although Dubrovnik isn't known for its beaches (fun fact: private beaches are strictly prohibited so be prepared to share the shore), it is known for its gloriously turquoise sea and you can see just that from the top of the City Walls.


On a separate note

The most underrated thing about Dubrovnik is its wine. Visiting a winery is a must and although there aren't many in close proximity, it is definitely worth going on a long drive to find one. I can honestly say I tasted some of the best wine in Dubrovnik (yes, that's a big statement but also a very true one).


How long is too long?

Sadly I only got to stay in Dubrovnik for three days and I can safely say that it was not long enough. There is so much to see and do in this charming city from the famous cable car ride to your very own Game of Thrones tour (if that's what you're in to). But whatever you do, make sure you take a moment to appreciate what the city walls have to offer.