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Big Cat Safaris: Go Wild!

Big Cat Safaris: Go Wild!

After a once in a lifetime holiday? Nothing beats spotting a big cat. Yes, yes, we all love a lumbering elephant or a cute orang-utan, but for the ultimate in wildlife watching it has to be one of the magnificent moggies that prowl around the wilder parts of almost every continent on Earth. Here are our favourite big cat safaris to see these, the ultimate predators, in all their glory.


Top Tigers

India is by far the best place to see tigers, although even here they are seriously endangered. Kanha National Park in Madhya Pradesh is a particularly good place for sightings, with stretches of savannah plains, 1,300 square miles of lush forest and countless species of wildlife (read: prey for tigers), this is the area that inspired Rudyard Kipling to write The Jungle Book.


Lion around

Duba Plains Camp in Botswana is one of the most remote camps in the Okavango Delta, and just happens to be one of the best places in Africa to see lions. Rather unhelpfully, these big beasts normally hunt by night, but for some reason seem to hunt buffalo (their key prey) a lot by day at Duba.


Jaguar spotting

Jaguars are among the world's most elusive big cats, but in the glorious wetland region of the Pantanal in Brazil we have unearthed (not literally, he lives above ground) a jaguar specialist who all but guarantees sightings.


Coyote Ugly Scenes

In recent years, there has been a dramatic increase of puma sightings in Yosemite National Park in the USA. Sightings in the park are often of these elegant predators hunting coyotes. Road Runner will be pleased.


Spot the leopard

The South Luangwa Valley in Zambia is home to an impressive population of leopards, as the terrain and large amount of small game makes the park the perfect habitat - get up close to them on game drives or even on walks.


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