Best Books to Read Before a Holiday to Australia

Best Books to Read Before a Holiday to Australia


The Dead Heart

Douglas Kennedy, Folio Policier

Fascinated by a map of Australia, an American journalist decides to leave everything behind to discover the country. Along the way, he picks up a strange hitchhiker who kidnaps him and takes him to her home, among a clan of crazy people living in the middle of nowhere, in the heart of the bush. A black and darkly comic thriller, recommended by all our consultants.



Our neighbours down under, Australian chronicles

Bill Bryson, In a Sunburned Country  

Australian adventures of a travelling American. A hilarious but more serious travel story than it sounds, providing a wealth of information on Australian culture.



The Drunken Kangaroo and Other Bush Stories

Kenneth Cook, Fear is the Rider

 Not for the fainthearted, this short story set in the Australian outback is a terrifying thriller. 



Follow the Rabbit-Proof Fence

Doris Pilkington

Doris Pilkington tells the dramatic story of her mother Molly, as well as the story of thousands of Aboriginal children interned in government camps. A 14-year-old girl accompanied by two other children, Molly escapes and travels 994 miles across the bush to reunite with her family. A touching account of the ' stolen generations ', a tragic episode in Australian history.



The Hunter

Julia Leigh, Points

A hunt in an area of the world where nature has preserved its wildlife, Tasmania: M. is both a hero of yesterday and today - mandated to hunt the last Tasmanian tiger (a species said to have disappeared in 1936) by a biotechnology company, confronted with the World Wildlife Fund and Darwin's creationist detractors, he is also a hunter, facing hunger and cold to catch his prey. A superbly-written masterpiece, and definitely one of the best books to read before a holiday to Australia.