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Avoiding Carguments

Avoiding Carguments

Apparently a quarter of all arguments occur in the car. Here's a road map to avoiding traffic-related tiffs...


Direction Directions

The main source of strife in the car is disagreements over the best route, so we can recommend outsourcing the decision-making to a traffic/navigation app. Like a one-stop couple conciliation service, the app will make the calls and you just have to obey the orders. The best app - by far - is Waze.


Pacify the Kids

If the temperature is rising in the front seats, a full-on riot in the back won't exactly help mellow the mood. See our survival guide on road tripping with children in tow for our top tips. Not literally towing them, although that's not the worst idea ever...


Keep Calm and Carry On

Embrace wrong turns and see where the road takes you. The most thrilling moments and breathtaking views aren't always plotted on a map and almost definitely require a little detour. Relax, enjoy the rewards of taking the scenic route and remember to laugh.


Where There's a Waze There's a Will

The science bit: Waze is more than a sat nav, using GPS location information from millions of Waze users to monitor traffic jams in real time and suggest quicker alternative routes. Important caveat- you have to trust the route, however convoluted it seems!


Best Laid Plans

While spontaneity is king of the road trip, some things - like loo breaks, swapping drivers and meal times - are better planned in advance to help set expectations and ensure everybody's needs are looked after.


Temperature Control

Minimise the chances of a cargument with a few simple tricks. For instance, pre-agreeing on a compromise temperature in the car and aiming to play soothing music (our regionally-specific playlists, for example) are a good start.