80 Senses: #22 - Beirut Nightlife

80 Senses: #22 - Beirut Nightlife

The Lebanese know how to party. Understandable, really, as a reaction to their traumatic recent history, and Beirut nightlife can be a wonderful antidote to the doom and gloom back here in Blighty because the locals still party like it's 2008.


Sky High

As you'd imagine, there are plenty of places in Beirut to see and be seen, but the bar du jour (or should that be 'bar du all night') is most definitely the Sky Bar. This rooftop bar and club was originally at the Palm Beach Hotel, and even a recent move to the superslick Biel tower block has not dented the numbers of glamorous types eager to strut their stuff.



This is the place to people watch par excellence and as the cocktails and champagne start to flow the bright and beautiful of Lebanon throw off what very few inhibitions they had in the first place, and helped by excellent resident and guest DJs and a stonking great sound system they dance the night away to the latest house tracks. And for anyone with a semblance of a sense of hearing left, occasional firework displays should take care of that. Take a look (and listen) to the Sky Bar website for an idea of what's in store. Best not done with the volume up...