Food tour with Penelope Alzamora

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Peruvian food is so hot right now, and we offer the chance to enjoy a morning taste tour of the capital with chef Penelope Alzamora, a Liman local whose foodie parents and nanny introduced her to traditional Peruvian cuisine at an early age.

Penelope went on to culinary college and cooking school in Boston and San Francisco and now lives back in the boho chic district of Barranco which is where the tour begins. Penelope takes her guests around a local food market to buy the freshest local ingredients, from juicy peppers to the freshest fish, before returning to her home.

Next, the highlight: the chance to create (and eat/drink) some of Peru's classic dishes, from ceviche to pisco sour cocktails and other trademark cuisine, under Penelope's expert tutelage, and while she explains the context of Peruvian food in the country's history.

Why We Love It

There’s never been a better excuse to enjoy a pisco sour at lunchtime, and then taste the fruits or your labours.

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