A tour of Larco Museum with the curator

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The Larco Museum in Lima contains an astonishing 45,000 artefacts dating from the pre-Columbian (basically pre-European) period, and including an impressive collection of Inca crowns and other ornamental pieces decorated with gold and precious stones.

The collection itself is impressive, but we can arrange for you to see the highlights (45,000 pieces would take a while) in the erudite company of one of the Larco's curators.

Enjoy expert explanations of the beautiful precious metal collections, the ancient woven textiles and the religious and cultural history of Peru and the wider region before the arrival of the conquistadors. In another part of the museum the large and extremely graphic collection of erotic pottery needs rather fewer explanatory comments.

Why We Love It

The permanent exhibition in the Gold and Silver Gallery is the – often quite literally – the crowning glory of the Larco collection, and hearing about the ornaments’ construction and provenance from a master in her field really brings everything vividly to life.

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