Mont Saint-Michel is an extraordinary village set on a rocky outcrop which is entirely surrounded by water at high tide. This tidal island is also known as the ‘wonder of Normandy’ because it can only be reached when the tide is out. Once a pilgrimage site for Christian monks from the 10th century, Mont Saint-Michel has been returned to its former glory after surviving battles, time and the elements. A Mont Saint-Michel holiday offers a chance to step back in time and experience the island’s unique atmosphere. You can walk through the narrow-cobbled streets that wind up towards the historic abbey and monastery.
There is no better way to see Mont Saint-Michel than from the top - the view is incredible overlooking the sea, the town and surrounding coastline. You can also get a glimpse of Le Mont-Dol (the neighbouring island). Join a guided tour on your Mont Saint-Michel holiday to learn about the history of the island's Benedictine abbey and the village that grew up around it, before setting off on a private culinary cruise around the beautiful bay and small coves of Mont Saint-Michel.

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