Welcome to Michigan – the heart of the Great Lakes – a natural wonder of five interconnected lakes that make up the largest body of fresh water on Earth. Comprising two distinct peninsulas, Michigan is the only US state that meets four of the five lakes and with more than 11,000 inland lakes of its own, it has the largest freshwater shoreline in the world, so make room in your suitcase for those walking boots. Visit one of the state’s many shoreline towns and climb aboard a fishing boat to experience a day on the water, before returning to dry land to put your feet up and enjoy your catch; now that’s what we call fresh food.
Next up on your Michigan holiday, head to the city of Detroit, the birthplace of the car industry, where Henry Ford launched a little-known automobile business that would later become an icon of industry and see Detroit coined 'Motor City'. Later, the variation 'Motor Town' soon shortened to Motown and the record label of the same name produced some of the finest pop acts of all time, from Diana Ross and Marvin Gaye to the Jackson Five. A master of reinvention, where Detroit was once bankrupt and bereft, it has become a hot-right-now centre of urban entrepreneurship that’s rapidly on its way to becoming the coolest city in America. Our tip? Get ahead of the game and visit before the crowds do.

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