Frégate Island is situated on the edge of the inner group of granite islands that lie at the heart of the far-flung Seychelles archipelago. Frégate is a refuge for rare wildlife – endangered bird species make their home here, turtles lay their eggs on the sublime beaches, giant Aldabra tortoises wander around, and the elegant white-tailed tropic bird soars above the turquoise ocean. Happily, Frégate also makes a perfect refuge for human beings looking to escape the cares of the modern world for a few days. But while the relaxing atmosphere of Frégate lends itself to doing nothing, that would be
to miss out on the dazzling underwater world that encircles the island. The diving is very easy, and suitable for all levels – it is not deep, and there is not much in the way of current – so for the beginner, Frégate would be a good place to learn.

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