It shouldn't come as a surprise that the capital city of the world's only superpower is a fascinating place, but Washington, D.C. has long suffered from an image problem.

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This is a city for the statue lover, with the enormous Lincoln Memorial one of the unmissables, alongside such poignant monuments as the Marine Corps War Memorial, cast from bronze and remembering the moment when the Marines raised the stars and stripes on the Japanese island of Iwo Jima in WWII.

Our guide to holidays in Washington DC

Sure the city has had its issues, but with some of the finest museums in the world, a thriving art scene and, of course, the iconic symbols of America's power all within walking distance of each other, 'DC' is definitely worth a visit.

Picking highlights is tricky, but the museums of the Smithsonian Institute (funded by donations from an Englishman, ironically), the vast Lincoln Memorial and the White House are all must-sees. The latter two particularly induce a strange sense of déjà vu after so many on-screen representations, but the impact is in no way reduced as a result.

Come evening, head to the Kennedy Centre or National Theatre for the latest and shows and performances, and throughout your stay, spot the various locations featured in the opening credits of the smash hit TV series House of Cards, starring Kevin Spacey as the Machiavellian politico par excellence.

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