Itinerary Highlights
    • Get cooking with a family cookery class in Florence

    • The streets are the children's classroom on a walking tour of Florence - learning about art, architecture, culture and the city's past

    • Head to Perugia and explore the medieval streets of Umbria's largest city

    • Go biking around Lake Piediluco

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When it comes to culture, Florence knows how to pack a punch. Toast your eight-day family holiday with a bottle of chianti and head into the cradle of the Renaissance. Introduce the children to fresco-adorned churches and basilicas that are home to true works of art by the great Michelangelo and Botticelli. Learn to cook like an Italian nonna on a private cooking class and discover your new family favourite Florentine recipe while you’re at it. Walk the walk on a fascinating private tour of the city and marvel at its age-old architectural delights, such as the Giotto Bell Tower and Piazza Della Signoria. Fuelled by fabulous food and gelato, you’ll head onwards to Perugia where labyrinthine cobblestone alleys fringed with grand Gothic palazzi await.
Split your time between the city and its outskirts, and cycle around Lake Piediluco, where you can visit picturesque nearby villages and bask in the sunshine.


Everything is 100% tailored to you


Your Umbria and Florence family holiday begins with an afternoon flight from London to Florence. The flight takes around two hours, arriving in the early evening. Your driver will be waiting for you, ready to whisk you all to your hotel and home for the next three nights. You will arrive in time for a delicious supper, toasting the first night of your family adventure.



This morning on your luxury family trip to Florence and Umbria you'll want to be up, ready and raring to go for a morning of exploring Florence. The cradle of the Renaissance, enchanting and utterly irresistible, Florence is the place to be if you want to indulge in world-class art and terrific Tuscan food. Packed with masterpieces of art and architecture everywhere you turn, this compact city packs a cultural punch. Located on the banks of the Arno River, in north-eastern Tuscany, the urban makeup of the city has hardly changed since the Renaissance. Florence is a cinematic feast of elegant 15th and 16th century palaces and medieval chapels, along with fresco-adorned churches, basilicas and works of art by the likes of Botticcelli and Michelangelo. It won't come as a surprise to learn that the whole city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

After your morning getting to know the narrow, cobbled streets of this beautiful city, it's time to don your aprons for a private family cooking class. Meet your experienced chef for a quick introduction to Florentine food, learning about the holy trinity for produce: local, seasonal and sustainable. Designed for families, every dish will be a firm favourite with even the fussiest of eaters, from a starter of gnocchi with pesto, to a main course of veal and fried zucchini, finishing off with tiramisu for pudding. Once you have cooked up a storm in the kitchen under the watchful eye of the head chef, it's time to sample your culinary creations. Sit down as a family and tuck into your delicious homemade Florentine classics. Full from feasting, it's time to head back to your hotel for a relaxing evening.



This morning, you will want to make sure you have a good breakfast, because it's time to hit the streets of Florence again for a more in-depth walking tour through the city. Meet your private guide and follow in their footsteps as they take you through the small, winding streets in search of the city highlights. Don't worry about keeping the younger members of the tribe entertained: the little ones will receive a booklet of challenges and quizzes at the start of the tour to complete as you wander around the city. As you walk, your guide will explain how the city became the birthplace of Renaissance art, pointing out the masterpieces on almost every corner. Discover the iconic Piazza Della Signoria (where you’ll find the Palazzo Vecchio) and wander across the Ponte Vecchio; Florence's oldest bridge. Gaze at Bruneslleschi's distinctive dome and the imposing multi-coloured marble cathedral beneath it on Piazza del Duomo. The Giotto Bell Tower and other hidden gems are also on the list as you explore the city according to Michelangelo, Da Vinci and the Medici family.

After the morning's wanderings, it's time to refuel with some lunch, rounded off - of course - with glorious gelato in the Italian sunshine. You have the afternoon to yourselves, to spend as you wish. If you fancy some more walking, hike to the Piazzale Michelangelo at sunset, where the setting sun paints the sky in soft pinks, oranges and ambers. As darkness falls, it's time for a delicious supper before heading back to your hotel with the whole crew full up on pasta and yet more gelato.



After breakfast today, your private driver will be waiting to take you to Florence train station to begin the next leg of your Umbria and Florence family holiday. Climb aboard your mid-morning train and head south towards Perugia in the heart of Umbria. The train takes nearly three hours, pulling into Perugia Station in the mid-afternoon. Once you've arrived it's time to pick up your hire car and drive to your hotel, where you’ll be staying for the next four nights.

Once you’ve arrived and settled in, you have the rest of the day to yourselves. Umbria's largest and most cosmopolitan city, Perugia is home to a pristine medieval centre, seemingly unchanged in the last 400 years. Head out to explore the labyrinth of cobbled alleyways, passing arched stairways, churches and grand Gothic palazzi (mansions) and getting glimpses of the city's past, from arches that have stood for hundreds of years to medieval basilicas and frescoes by the likes of Raphael. Our local Concierge can recommend the perfect, family-friendly place for supper, before you head back to your hotel for the night.



It's time to explore more of Umbria today, so hop in your car, ready for the 40-minute drive to the shores of Lake Piediluco. Nestled between oak-covered hillsides, on the border with Lazio, Piediluco is a rowing base among the most famous in Europe and hosts international competitions. Along its bank you’ll find a picturesque fishing village, filled with colourful houses, and the best way to explore these bucolic surroundings is by bicycle. Embark on a private family bicycle tour around the lake, led by an expert guide, who will take you between the nearby villages and abbeys from the Middle Ages. Trace the shoreline as the whole family meanders along the bike trail, enjoying gorgeous views and stopping for gelato in the sunshine. After a day of cycling, sunshine, food and fun it's time to head back to your hotel for a well-deserved supper.

DAYS 6 & 7


Spend the final two days of your luxury family holiday discovering more of what Umbria has to offer. No matter what the family like, there is something for everyone in this beautiful Italian region. For a more in-depth exploration of Perugia, head out on a historic walking tour of the city alongside an expert guide. Visit the medieval Priori Palace, which exhibits regional art from the 13th century onward, and the Piazza IV Novembre, where the Gothic cathedral houses Renaissance paintings and frescoes. Montarle Park makes for a wonderful nature-filled day out, with its picture-perfect picnic spots and gorgeous walking routes, not to mention the family-run restaurant and barbecue station. Make the most of Umbria’s fabulous fare and indulge in plenty of Italian cuisine while you have the chance. Again, our local Concierge will be on hand with restaurants recommendations.



Sadly, this morning marks the end of your luxury family itinerary to Florence and Umbria. It's time to pack up your bags and return to the airport, in time for your late-morning flight. Your flight back to London takes two-and-a-half-hours, so you'll have time to chat about your wonderful family holiday and look through some pictures before landing in London at lunchtime.

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