Itinerary Highlights
    • Experience the different landscapes of Greece, from the fruit orchards of Chios to the ancient sites of Rhodes, with plenty of dips in the Aegean Sea in between
    • Hang up your hat in the arty and atmospheric hotels of Kampos, Old Rhodes and Lindos
    • Discover the small villages of southern Chios and its traditional mastic culture with a private guide

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There are three parts to this trip, each offering an alternative experience of Greece. Your 13-day Greece getaway starts in Chios, near the Turkish mainland, where you can soak in the fragrances of citrus orchards before heading to the glittering coast. You will then hop across the Aegean to the city of Rhodes, which is teeming with history and culture. For the last few days of your trip, swap the historic sites of the city with the charming coast in and around Lindos. Along the way, soak in charming sites like traditional mastic (gum) orchards, hidden coves and important medieval sites.


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Your Greece getaway begins today. After being whisked through airport security, fuel up with nibbles and refreshments in the airport lounge then board your six-hour flight to Chios via Athens. When you land in Chios, pick up your rental car and drive three miles south to Kampos, where you’ll be spending the first three nights of your trip in a beautiful Genoese-style country house surrounded by unspoiled nature. Relax in the fragrant citrus gardens and elegant courtyard, enjoy a delicious dinner then head up to bed bright and early, ready for the first full day of your holiday tomorrow.



Enjoy a leisurely start to your day with breakfast at your hotel then head out with a private guide to explore the beautiful town of Kampos. Take your time discovering quaint streets, sweet-smelling citrus orchards and ornate red-stone houses. Take a break under the shade of a tree to admire the Panagia Syriotissa church with its bell tower and small bridge. Then, after a little breather, set off again on a laid-back three-hour hike through the beautiful landscapes of Chios.



Today is all about discovering the island’s mastic culture. Accompanied by a private guide, head to the south of the island, where mastic cultivation has long been concentrated. The chewy resin is collected from the pistachio tree (a small evergreen found throughout the Mediterranean) and then added to many local products, including sweets, ice cream and digestive liqueurs, as well as the holy chrism, a perfumed oil used for Christian sacraments. After exploring the area, visit a small museum dedicated to the world’s first natural chewing gum. Then it's on to Mesta, a fortified village brimming with medieval charm. Pyrgi, another ancient mastichochoria (mastic village), stands out for its unusual architecture: the Xistà, black and white geometric scratchings that cover every inch of the town’s buildings. You can also visit the Church of the Holy Apostles, with its remarkable Byzantine paintings.



Hop into your hire care and swap the countryside of Kampos for the coast of Vollisos. The drive is only one hour, so you’ll have plenty of time to settle into your new digs. For the next two nights you’ll be staying in a lovely hillside estate nestled between a cove and the small port of Limia. The rest of the day is yours to spend at leisure. Enjoy the sea views from the terraced bar, roam the fragrant gardens or head out to the nearby village and beaches, just a few minutes’ walk away.



The tiny village of Volissos, which has just 250 inhabitants, has quite the claim to fame: it is here that Homer (according to Herodotus) is said to have written the Iliad and the Odyssey. The village is built in an amphitheatre on the side of a hill and is crowned by an imposing Byzantine castle. Make sure to have your camera to hand while you tour the Nea Moni monastery and explore the idyllic streets, which are lined with classic ochre-stone buildings with blue and white renderings. Less than a mile down the hill you have the port of Limia and its beautiful beaches, which are conducive to some serious R&R.



Today you will head back to the airport in Chios to drop off your rental car and hop on a four-hour flight to Rhodes City via Athens. When you land, you will be privately transferred to a beautifully designed hotel in the heart of the old town. The rest of the day is yours to play with. Spend the evening relaxing in your new home or, if you’re keen to stretch your legs after the flight, head out for a stroll through the old town.



After fuelling up on a delicious breakfast at the hotel, it’s time to see the sites of the medieval city of Rhodes accompanied by a local resident. You’re staying in the heart of the old town, so remnants from the city’s rule under the Crusaders of the Middle Ages and, later, the Ottoman Empire are right on your doorstep. Make sure to also keep an eye out for eclectic neoclassic architecture, which was developed under the Italian occupation between 1912 and 1943. As you explore the beautiful city you will naturally work up an appetite, which is a great excuse to sample some of the city’s culinary treasures. Local delicacies include manouri (Greek semi-soft cheese) served with roasted almond and honey, kleftiko (slow-cooked marinaded lamb) and souvlakia (classic lamb kebab).



Today you will head to a local rental agency to pick up your hire car. The drive to Lindos on the east coast of the island takes less than one hour, so you will have plenty of time to settle into your hotel. Your home for the next five nights is a beautiful property with sea views, so you can spend the rest of today relaxing and soaking in your new landscape.

DAYS 9 to 12


The last four days of your Greece getaway is all about relaxing and soaking in the beauty of the coast. You have a collection of lovely beaches within easy reach of the hotel, so long, lazy afternoons in the sun are certainly on the agenda. One of our favourite spots is the delightful ring-shaped bay of Agios Pavlos. For a dose of culture, head into Lindos, a classic white-washed village with an ancient acropolis. Here, we can arrange for you to continue your exploration out to sea with a private speed boat tour. Further south, the villages of Asklipio and Lachania are worth a visit. Nature-lovers can head out to the west coast to soak in the pristine landscapes of vineyards, orchards, vegetable gardens, Aleppo pines, Italian cypresses and date palms. There is also a shady butterfly valley, which is home to the beautiful Jersey Tiger moth. When you are ready for a good glass of wine, head to the village of Embonas to taste some high-quality varieties from nearby vineyards. The road to the village is splendid, with plenty of opportunities for a dip in the sea along the way.

DAY 13


Unfortunately, your holiday has come to an end. After a hearty breakfast at your hotel, hop into your rental car and head back to the airport for your return flight to the UK via Athens.

A la carte


Get up close and personal with ancient Greek culture with a private visit to the beautiful Nea Moni monastery, which was founded way back in the 11th century by Constantine IX Monomachus. The church celebrated a big win against the iconoclasm (the condemnation of religious images) of the eighth and ninth centuries with a range of splendid mosaics depicting the triumph. The walls, which surround the glorious pantocrator Christ, also tell tales of the cosmos and the history of mankind. You will also visit the nearby abandoned village of Anavatos. The medieval ghost town is as spooky as it is beautiful, with an eerie question hanging over its head of why it was abandoned.


Heading out with a local guide who knows the city of Rhodes like the back of their hand is a great way to explore some hidden gems that your average tourist doesn’t know about. The tour is relaxed, spontaneous and designed around you.


Besides being a tad more exhilarating, heading out on a speed boat is a great way to explore the ocean without being at the behest of the elements. Your skipper knows the best spots in the area, from tiny coves to beautiful viewpoints. You will have the opportunity to don a mask and snorkel to dive beneath the surface in search of colourful marine life. You can also make a stop at the acropolis of Lindos, one of the most picturesque viewpoints in the region.

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