Itinerary Highlights
    • From the natural splendours of Ushuaia to Perito Moreno, you will feel connected to nature
    • Enjoy the exceptional atmosphere of a homely ranch and the dynamic nature of Buenos Aires
    • Included on the itinerary is a tango session, the birds of the Beagle Channel and a cruise on the Lago Argentino.
    • The itinerary includes all our usual additional services

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The Real Argentina

All in all, there is no better gateway to Argentina than Buenos Aires. So this is where the journey begins. Here you will find everything from tango to football, grill houses to the metropolitan cathedral (where Pope Francis was archbishop) and the Bosques de Palermo to local boliches (nightclubs). The Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes has an eclectic mix, including the gauchos of Angel Della Valle and the roses of Henri Fantin-Latour. There is a real cosmopolitan atmosphere here and a dogged commitment to contemporary issues. You'll then jet off to the southern regions of Patagonia. To the south of Rio Grande in Tierra del Fuego, you'll stay in one of the fine ranches, which has thousands of sheep on thousands of hectares, and a true sense of remoteness.
You'll also have a warm encounter with people who live in the area. A little further out is Ushuaia. The legendary Ushuaia has gained a lot of media attention; but staying here is another thing altogether. After a cruise along the Beagle Channel, where you may be lucky enough to spot a Commerson's dolphin with its black and white stripes, you'll take a short plane ride to one of the major Andean sites: Los Glaciares National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site. First stop is the north side, El Chalten, at the foot of Mount FitzRoy; then it's off to the south side, to Lago Argentino in El Calafate. Two towers of ice and granite. The sheer scale of the Andes is impressive and imposing. After visiting the sprawling Steppe, the outer archipelagos and the dizzying heights of the mountains, you will be brought back to city life. And we will do this in Palermo Soho, Buenos Aires.

Your Trip

Transport has been adapted for this continental journey, which includes two domestic flights and rental cars to explore the area. Driving in Patagonia requires only a little adaptation to the road surface; a bit of care and moderate speed are enough to stay safe. You can hike here, but you can also travel by boat or bicycle. It's only natural to go riding too. You will stay in two hotels in Buenos Aires, which illustrate the urban modernity of the city. In Ushuaia, your accommodation overlooks the Beagle Channel, which connects the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. In other places, you will stay in ranches and a country house. Everywhere you stay guarantees comfort and soul. On the outskirts of Los Glaciares National Park, and around El Chalten and El Calafate you will really be able to switch off. There's no Wi-Fi in the hotel. You will be able to do a welcome digital detox overlooking amazing landscapes, which nobody can distract you from. You itinerary involves places that really put you at the heart of things. You'll be able to experience the hotspots of Buenos Aires, Tango nights, and cruises on the Beagle Channel and Lago Argentino. In between, you'll also have plenty of time to explore on your own. The pace of the journey is steady, but not exhausting. Trips to beaches where you can relax and recover slot in naturally between active spells. You'll have a great trip, an adventure, but with no unnecessary stress. If, along the way, you have a last-minute desire, contact our local Concierge for support and advice.


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Flight to Buenos Aires

DAYS 2 & 3

Buenos Aires

Transfer. Two-night stay in Puerto Madero, between Reserva Ecologica Costanera Sur (Buenos Aires Ecological Reserve) and Cafe Tortoni. Right in the middle of Buenos Aires. The hotel has incredible, diverse views of the city. Contemporary art is now infiltrating the hotel industry, and this hotel is a prime example with its paintings and light effects. From the bedding to bathroom facilities, the comfort of the bedrooms and their guesthouses is flawless. A hint of modernism gives them the look of a high-end hotel. In the kitchen, chef Alejandro Bontempo also sets the bar, with his impeccable ingredients, accomplished technique and bright ideas. Guests tend to rave about the food. And the quality of the wine cellar. To feel a sense of balance in body and mind, you can get a massage and use the sauna, gym and indoor swimming pool.
The itinerary includes - Buenos Aires must-sees. Accompanied by a private guide, you'll start off with the streets that cut through the city: Avenida 9 de Julio, Avenida Corrientes and Avenida de Mayo. Then it's off to La Boca, a small colourful and picturesque neighbourhood, followed by the elegant Recoleta with its very distinguished cemetery (Evita Peron, Victoria Ocampo and Raul Alfonsin are buried here), and finally old San Telmo, with its rich architecture and numerous antique shops and dealers.


Buenos Aires - ranch in Rio Grande

Transfer to the airport and fly to Rio Grande. Pick up the rental car and drive to the ranch, some 60 miles south. You'll then reach a 42,000 acre estate, where flocks of sheep have all the space they need. The white-walled house offers simple comfort and true rustic warmth. The instant closeness you feel with the hosts is down to the remoteness of the estate and the friendliness of the Fuegian people. There's no Internet here, not even a phone signal - just horses and the wind. Expect delicious southern cuisine too, which you'll be able to enjoy with the family. The feeling of being at the end of the world is ever-present here. Hike through forest full of white beech (Nothofagus pumilio) and to the steppes on the majestic Atlantic coast.


Ranch in Rio Grande - Ushuaia

Now it's off to Ushuaia. You'll spend two nights on the banks of the Beagle Channel. Most of the decor is stone and wood, which fits well with the spectacular natural setting. The rooms are spacious and pleasingly simple. Each has a nice bathroom. The spa offers treatments by professional therapists.. The pool is open to the great outdoors, or closed, depending on the weather. The chef has taken inspiration from French traditional cuisine, which he applies to his dishes. Try lamb from the region or southern king crab (which is not an ordinary crab, but a super hermit crab). And, as the feeling of being at the end of the world makes everything special, afternoon tea is also special.
Option - Private tour of Tierra del Fuego National Park.



In the itinerary - Cruise along the Beagle Channel. You'll board a boat with a private skipper and head south to pass the Bridges Island, with its blankets of delicate cushion plants, soft purple Magellan geraniums, striped olsyniums with arched petals, and dahlias, whose flowers form scarlet pompoms. On Bird Island you'll see the imperial cormorant, the Dominican gull, Chilean skua, and many more. A snack is served during the cruise. Before returning home, you'll pass the Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse, which was built in 1920 to the east of Ushuaia Bay to warn ships of the rocks. Near the coast is the Fuegian steamer duck. The Argentinians call it a steamer duck because it is flightless and stirs the water like a Mississippi steamboat.


Ushuaia - El Calafate - El Chalten

Return the car to Ushuaia airport and fly to El Calafate. Pick up your new rental car. Head to El Chalten. Spend two nights on the outskirts of the village, on the banks of the Rio de las Vueltas. You'll stay in a pretty country house, surrounded by trees and a garden where lupins grow and a white picket fence marks its boundaries. Mount FitzRoy is just across the water. The interior of the house has a cosy, country feel. The floors shimmer and the fireplace and wood stoves hum. There are antiques almost everywhere you turn, which provides a contrast to the decor. The rooms are charming and comfortable and have good amenities. In the kitchen, the chef cooks up modern cuisine using local produce wherever possible.


El Chalten

El Chalten is the main village around Mount FitzRoy, which overlooks it from the west. Often covered in mist, this gigantic granite peak is 11,171ft high. You can hike at the foot of the mountain. The area is the perfect place to go for a walk. The village overlooks Los Glaciares National Park and has many signposted paths and all the facilities you need. Wardens in the National Park are happy to give directions and suggestions. And, while beech species still make up the bulk of the forestry, the fauna here is mainly Andean, with rheas, guanacos, southern guemals and condors to name but a few. Spending just two days here will allow you to enjoy the hiking atmosphere and gorgeous scenery. Then it's off to Patagonia - time for more fresh air!
Option - Trek to Laguna de los Tres.


El Chalten - El Calafate

Head off to El Calafate. Stay for three nights on Lago Roca. The ranch is around a hundred years old and its pastures are shared by sheep and Hereford cows. Although you'll see cyclists coming around the corner on their mountain bikes, you're more likely to see riders galloping along. Gauchos are not just part of a romantic setting, they actually do round up the cattle. The house offers a mixture of waxed wood, stone and leather. The trip will leave you wondering how you ever got by without these things! It's rustic and comfortable, designed for a bit of recuperation after work or going out to explore, made for comfort after work or exploration, or after just being in the great outdoors. Rooms offer everything you need for a restful night. Breakfast will give you all the energy you need to get going. The vegetable garden provides the vegetables and the herds provide the lamb that the grill roasts to absolute perfection.

DAYS 10 & 11

El Calafate

In the itinerary - Departing from Punta Bandera, embark on a catamaran cruise on Lago Argentino, home to the great Andean glaciers. You'll then head north-west, where you'll sail among the icebergs that the glaciers cast off into the lake and get just a stone's throw away from the most impressive one of all, Spegazzini, whose front is a towering 410ft high. Then, get a bit of a history lesson on a ranch on the Cristina Channel. The life of the early gauchos of these regions was an epic affair. Even today it still has some very specific conditions to cope with. Finally, you'll hike - think of it as a three-hour walk - to Los Perros waterfall, from where you'll have a lovely view of the Rio Caterina valley. Then it's back to Puerto Bandera. The outing lasts 14 hours, and you'll be accompanied by a private guide.

DAY 12

El Calafate - Buenos Aires

Return your car to El Calafate airport. Flight to Buenos Aires. Transfer. Overnight stay in Palermo Soho. Now it's back to urban life. The hotel has comfortable rooms, which are decorated in pastel colours. Common areas have a pretty cool pop vibe and encourage relaxation. At the small bar, you'll be getting ready to go out; there are excellent restaurants in the area. And there's plenty of things to do on your last evening, with the district being one of the city's liveliest, which is saying something.

DAY 13

Buenos Aires - flight back

Transfer to the airport and return flight.

A la carte

A Private tour of the Tierra del Fuego National Park - Ushuaia

The park and its spectacular landscape borders the Beagle Channel. The park alternates peatland with forest; the latter contains mostly beech species, such as Dombey's beech, white beech, southern beech and Magellan's beech. Beech trees contain Cyttaria fungus, which was used by the Fuegian population as a vegetable. Accompanied by a guide, on the hike you will see a variety of landscapes, including mountains, lakes, streams and the Channel. Spring and summer flowers bloom everywhere in bursts of bright colours. You'll also spot the black-faced ibis here, with its beautiful slate-coloured plumage. And if you see a red-headed urubu flying low, it's because they can smell the carcasses before they can see them. The walk itself it easy and unchallenging.

Option - Half day

Trek at the Laguna de los Tres - El Chalten

This is a moderate to challenging five- to seven-hour trek through the Los Glaciares National Park. You'll leave the hotel accompanied by a guide and head towards Laguna Sucia, a blue lake at an altitude of 2892ft surrounded by sharp peaks. A steep climb then leads you up to an altitude of 3838ft to Laguna de los Tres; the view of the FitzRoy peaks from here is fantastic. You'll then continue on to Laguna Capri, lined with peatland and moors. Here you can admire the great grey owls who live there before making your way back to El Chalten. This is a challenging walk and you'll need to be physically fit, but it's worth it just for the views.

Optional - Day

A Rough Idea of Price

Dependent on season, accommodation and activities
The estimated cost for this trip starts from £4,820 to £6,430 per person. The final cost of the trip depends on the way we tailor it especially for you. The final cost varies according to several factors, which include the level of service, length of trip and advance booking time. The exact price will be provided on your personalised quote. The average starting price for this trip is £5,715 per person.
  • International and domestic scheduled flights

  • Airline taxes and fuel surcharge

  • Private transfers

  • A/C category car rental for three days

  • A/C category car rental for six days in El Calafate

  • Three-night stay in Buenos Aires in a double room, breakfast included

  • Private guided tours of the must-sees and for tango

  • Overnight stay in Rio Grande in a double room, full board

  • Two-night stay in Ushuaia in a double room, breakfast included

  • Cruise along the Beagle Channel

  • Two-night stay in El Chalten in a double room, breakfast included

  • Three-night stay in El Calafate in a double room, half-board

  • Cruise on Lago Argentino

  • Our on-site Concierge service

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