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Immerse yourself in nature with a stay in the award-winning Sapmi Nature Camp, a sustainable, small-scale camp on the edge of the snowy Swedish wilderness in the north of the country. Run by local Sami people, a stay here gives you the chance to enjoy a remote and unspoilt wilderness in an authentic way. Leave with a deep appreciation for Mother Nature and a renewed passion to protect it.

Elegant Scandinavian-style tepees form the accommodation in this wild wonderland. Fitted with comfortable double beds and cosy stoves and decorated with furnishings inspired by nature and the Sami culture, the lavvu tents offer the perfect glamping experience. The camp sleeps up to ten guests at one time meaning that you're guaranteed an intimate stay.

Dining here is a celebration of the freshest forest-to-fork food. Forage for berries and feast on freshly-caught fish and reindeer meat each day. Enjoy your meals in the central restaurant cabin and help prepare the food as you listen to fascinating stories about the local Sami people.

Run by Lennart Pittja who grew up in a reindeer herding family where the camp is based, a stay in Sapmi Camp allows you to share in his expert knowledge and experience of the region and the local communities who live here. During the Autumn and Winter, spend your time here foraging for food, fishing, going on guided hikes and learning how to take the perfect photograph of the stunning Northern Lights.

Why We Love It

Get back to nature as you spend your time here foraging for food, fishing and going on guided hikes.

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