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Snow and camping aren’t usually natural bedfellows, but don’t worry, we haven't completely lost the plot. Aurora Safari camp offers a ‘glamping’ experience in the wilderness of Swedish Lapland and the Rane River Valley.

Guests spend the night in traditional Nordic designed Lavvu tents, with comfortable beds and arctic sleeping bags. In addition there are armchairs and wood burners in the tents to warm up a winter night. The eco-loos and washrooms are outside the tents, adding to the adventure of the trip.

When the outside temperature falls to anywhere between -5 to -30, the lounge tent is a great cosy retreat where guests can drink, eat around an open fire and relax. There is also a small sauna to warm up those winter evenings.

Set well inside the Arctic Circle, the camp is an ideal place to see the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) and explore Swedish forests and lakes. For the more active traveller - there are a range of winter activities on offer, such as dog sledding, snowmobiling, reindeer spotting and snowshoe walks where guests are guided through the silence of the winter forest.

Why We Love It

The Aurora Safari Camp specialises in Photography courses and inspiration tours, hosted by camp founder and former professional photographer Fredrik Broman.

Charlotte H, Original Traveller

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