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The Radisson Blu Polar Hotel, once of Lillehammer (see the Original Thinking), is now Svalbard’s premier hotel, and the most northerly full-service hotel in the world. The rooms offer a level of comfort similar to what you might expect on mainland Europe.

There are 95 rooms, including 27 Junior Suites (ideal for families) and a solitary Superior Suite, all with en suite bathrooms and wifi access.

Facilities include a good restaurant that serves international dishes and Arctic specialities such as seal, ptarmigan, char and reindeer, with panoramic views of the nearby fjords and mountains. There is also a sauna, and a pub that will serve you the northernmost pint in the world.

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The Radisson Blu Polar Hotel was originally Team America's home for the Lillehammer Olympics in 1994, dismantled and brought, lock stock and barrel to Spitsbergen.

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