Heading off for an action-packed adventurous honeymoon is all well and good but, take it from us, weddings are exhausting and for many honeymoon couples all they want to do post-nuptials is flop on a beach and bask in the glory of a beautiful boutique hotel. Well if that sounds like the honeymoon for you, Mykonos should certainly get a look in.

Perhaps not as glamorous as nearby Santorini, Mykonos is perfect for honeymooners who want a quintessential Greek island experience without having to break the bank. With its idyllic sandy beaches, labyrinthine streets (perfect for an afternoon stroll) and selection of lovely boutique hotels, there are few better places to relax and rejuvenate than here. What's more, there is very little to see and do by way of culture so there's no need to feel guilty for not getting out and exploring!

What really makes Mykonos special for honeymooners is the hotels. Whether you want to be tucked away above a quiet beach or within stumbling distance of the bustling town centre, we can recommend the perfect hotel for you. Either way, one thing is guaranteed - you will be utterly spoiled and indulged for the whole of your stay.


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beach in Mykonos
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There are lots of off the beaten track sandy beaches, perfect for relaxation. Lia and Agrari are definitely worth a visit.

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A Blue Door in Greece


Cosmopolitan Mykonos is renowned for its nightlife (it has been described as the Ibiza of the Aegean, but the jury is out as to whether that's a good thing or not), trademark windmills and its attractive ‘capital’ Hora, considered one of the most beautiful towns in the Cyclades.

Where to stay

Grace Mykonos

Grace Mykonos

Perched on the hills above Mykonos, and with views of the glittering Aegean, the Grace Mykonos is as pristine and white as the sandy beach below.

Bill & Coo

Bill & Coo

Taking its name from the sounds lovey doves make (the bill bit refers to the way doves touch each other’s beaks, apparently), Bill & Coo is spot on for lovebirds of a non-avian persuasion.



A five-star hotel located on the Bay of Ornos, just ten minutes away from Hora (Mykonos town).

We were particularly impressed by the level of contact from you. We have fairly intense jobs and the fact that you were so communicative and helpful made organisation so easy.


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