Honeymoon Jamaica

Why should you consider a luxury honeymoon in Jamaica? Because the home of (James) Bond, Bolt and Bob (Marley) also happens to be a perfect romantic retreat, with a collection of boutique chic hotels that are perfect for cool couples.

Exhibit A is GoldenEye, once Ian Fleming's villa and the place where he wrote the majority of the Bond novels. The latter-day incarnation retains many of the original features, but under the stewardship of legendary record producer Chris Blackwell, there's also an alluring reggae vibe. Another of Blackwell's hotels - Strawberry Hill - is the place to relax in Jamaica's lush interior, while Geejam, along the coast from GoldenEye, is another perfect honeymoon hangout.

Jamaica can also lay claim to being arguably the most interesting of all the Caribbean islands, so when you've had enough beachtime or post-wedding R&R we can arrange any number of fun activities including following in Bob Marley's footsteps on a tour of Kingston taking in the Bob Marley Museum, Trench Town and the current Tuff Gong studios to hear more about the great man's legacy. To work off the Red Stripe and rum, we can also provide a guide for a day trek in the newly anointed Blue Mountains UNESCO World Heritage Site. Walk the well-kept trails while your guide points out rare botanicals in the primary rainforest before you visit a plantation where Jamaica's famously good Blue Mountain coffee is produced. We also know all the best restaurants in which to try Jamaica's famous cuisine, including classics such as jerk chicken.


Where to go

Jamaican jerk chicken


The most distinctive Caribbean island, in terms of landscapes and cultural influences, Jamaica works equally for romantic breaks and family holidays.

Where to stay



Anyone with even a passing interest in James Bond (ie: 90% of the male population and a good proportion of the female one, too) should stay at GoldenEye. Sweeping statement for sure, but this was where author Ian Fleming created and wrote 13 of the 007 novels that spawned an international phenomenon.



Geejam is an achingly hip hideout on the Port Antonio coast that’s a magnet for cool kids and celebrities thanks to a laidback tropical ambience, oh, and its own recording studio. As you do.

Strawberry Hill

Strawberry Hill

There’s more to Jamaica than sandy beaches, nice as they are. The island’s fertile internal slopes are a haven from the heat with spectacular views of the coastline and sparkling Caribbean Sea beyond, and also home to the Strawberry Hill, a seriously elegant plantation house hotel.

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