Art, Archaeology and Architecture in Europe

If you’re pining for a cultural break filled with beautiful, moving and educational sites, Europe is the perfect pick. With such a high concentration of countries - each one wildly different from the next - art, archaeology and architecture in Europe is wonderfully varied. And the best news of all? Wherever you end up, you’re guaranteed to find all three in excess.

For the history lovers, there is no shortage of destinations to base your art holidays in Europe. Italian cities like Rome and Florence are bursting with sensational sculptures, grand fountains and beautiful Renaissance architecture that have stood the test of time, while over in Greece, there are ancient ruins steeped in mythology that tell the tale of bygone eras.

Perhaps you're after a taste of more contemporary art and architecture? Europe doesn't disappoint there either. From Gaudi's modernist masterpieces in Barcelona, to edgy art galleries in Berlin, and the iconic Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain, there are all manner of wacky and wonderful creations to discover.

Wherever you decide to base your European art holidays, we'll arm you with a tailor-made itinerary packed with memorable experiences and pair you up with expert guides for private city tours and museum visits to make sure that you see the absolute best art, archaeology and architecture in Europe.

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