Newlyweds seeking the ultimate romantic experience will find that Malta honeymoons offer this in spades. This slip of archipelago effortlessly marries relaxation with just the right amount of adventure, offering the perfect cocktail of sun, sea and history. With prehistoric temples to marvel at, fossil hunting along the limestone cliffs base and scuba diving expeditions in the nearby sister island of Gozo, there is so much to be enjoyed here. Loved-up pairs can bask in the warmth of the Mediterranean heat and laze the days away at the ocean’s edge before taking your tans out in the capital of Valletta.
Cement your bond in this honeymooning haven and toast to all things love and togetherness over Maltese dishes like lampuki pie and kapunata, in friendly local eateries. You’ll find yourself falling for each other and Malta on the loved-up trip of a lifetime.

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Seriously you guys are super organised and you really 'get' it. The beaches and reefs were superb, we rented a property for the six of us, which came with its team of cooks all very reasonably priced! The fishermen would come in the morning, and we'd pick the seafood we wanted, then the cooks would cook up a storm in the evening
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