It may be a long way to travel but Australia and New Zealand offer a quite staggering variety of experiences; both are steeped in indigenous cultural history, offer landscape and scenery to rival anywhere on the planet, a seriously sophisticated food and wine scene and a series of luxury lodges guaranteed to knock your socks off. Step aside 'gap yah' youths, now is the time of the discerning luxury traveller.

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  • Because this neck of the woods is well, well worth the journey

Our guide to holidays in Australasia

The last decade has seen a sudden influx of sophisticated new hotels and lodges in both Australia and New Zealand and over the last three years Original Travel consultants have visited the best that both countries have to offer, and sampled the many activities (and wines) that make these such special destinations.

Did you know

  • Australasia is the smallest continent on the planet
  • Approximately 32 million people live in Australasia... there are approximately 65 million people living in the UK

There is also always something comforting when going on holiday to a country that speaks the same lingo, especially when (with no disrespect to our fellow countrymen) most Brits find themselves at the linguistically challenged end of the spectrum. It means you'll have no trouble getting around or interacting with locals, which makes getting to the heart of a place that bit easier. That and the fact that during deepest darkest British winter, Australia basks in glorious (and all but guaranteed) sunshine.

Top picks for Australasia

Aerial View Bay of Islands

The North Island

New Zealand

Often not raved about enough. The North Island can be done as an adventure on its own.

Where to go

Sydney Harbour

Sydney & New South Wales


With a stunning natural setting, Sydney is Australia's leading city, known worldwide for its spectacular harbour and the iconic Opera House.

Where to go

Katu Jutas, Northern Territory

Uluru & The Northern Territory


At the heart of Australia is the ‘Red Centre’, a dry, sparsely vegetated and even more sparsely populated region of the country.

Where to go

Church of Good Shepherd Lake in Tekapo

The South Island

New Zealand

There is more to this island than bungee jumps and sky dives, for example the towering alps, jagged coastlines, vast plains and amazing food and wine, to name a few.

Where to go

Whale Shark, Ningaloo Reef

Western Australia


Famous for its long days of sunshine, spotless blue skies and brilliant beaches, Western Australia is a great place to experience some rather special natural attractions.

Where to go

Tasmania, Australia



Fjords, bays, magnificent beaches and dramatic sea cliffs make this one of the best places to visit in Australia.

Where to go

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