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Our Mongolia travel guide is designed to help you choose what to do in this enormous country. Explore the great outdoors of Mongolia. Discover the lifestyle of nomads in the heart of the Orkhon valley. Cross the Gobi Desert. Admire the snow-capped peaks of the five sacred mountains of Altai. Make a pilgrimage to the origins of Genghis Khan in the Khentii, then take the road to central Mongolia to visit Karakorum, the legendary city on the Silk Road, which he founded in 1220. Land by the great Lake Khovsgol, an inland sea which contains 2% of the planet's freshwater reserves. Visit the high plateaus to see the tipis of the Tsaatan, a nomadic minority community who live here herding reindeer. In Dungovi, climb the sand dunes of Uush.
In Gornogovi, take a walk in the petrified forest of Suikhent. Track antelopes in the steppes of Gornod. Take a shaman as a guide and experience a drum trip in Bulgan province. Experience the Nadaam Festival in the Ulan Bator region. Follow an eagle hunt in Bayan-Ölgii. In Ovorkhangai, be uplifted by the singing of monks in the Eerdene Zuu monastery, the oldest in Mongolia. Where will your route take you? These are just some of the ways to explore the country.

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