Wild Walking Safari in Zambia

Wild Walking Safari in Zambia

Luxury holidays to Zambia have never been so appealing, with 2014 being the 50th anniversary of the country's independence, and a handful of exciting new camps opening.

One of the most exhilarating experiences of an exclusive holiday to the country is embarking on an expert-led walking safari. Read more...


An early morning walk

Robin Pope took the eight of us from Zambia at his Tena Tena tented camp for a walking safari early one morning. We all thought we would be out for a couple of hours and cover three or four miles. We covered just under one mile. It was literally "open" university in the wild, given by a doyen of safari guides.


Lions, antelope and mongooses

We followed lion spoor along the dirt track, saw where a pair of dik-dik antelope had crossed, (learnt that they mate for life), then Robin stopped us ten, maybe twelve yards from a tree as a whole family of banded mongooses ran across open ground and disappeared up it, chattering away like girls on a hen party. What fun they were having, and what fun they gave us without knowing it. Robin explained their behaviour, characteristics and advantages of being in a troupe.


Birds, trees and breakfast

After a while, they moved on - and so did we. He identified birds, trees and which species live in them, and described creatures large to small, down to termites and even the temperature regulation system within their mound. We arrived back in camp hungry for breakfast, but full of the experience.


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