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The Foodie Tour of America

The Foodie Tour of America

As a nation of immigrants, the US of A is home to some truly diverse dishes. Here we take a look at some American Classics from the American Grill menu by our friends at Deliverance.


The not so humble Hamburger

The name itself hails originally from the German city of Hamburg, but the invention of the delectable beef/bun combo so synonymous with America has been claimed by everyone from Danish Louis Lassen in Connecticut to the chef at the Fletcher Davis' café in Athens, Texas over one hundred years ago. Fewer people have come forward claiming to be the creative force behind the Hawaiian burger - complete with slice of pineapple - but we LOVE Hawaii despite this crime against cuisine.


The not remotely Scottish Mac & Cheese Bites

MacMamma mia! Pasta, Grana Padano cheese, arrabiata dipping sauce - eating a Deliverance macaroni cheese bite is like being in the old country (and we don't mean Great Britain), or at least the Little Italy districts where you'll find the most authentic Italian cooking in New York, Chicago, San Francisco and San Diego.


The not rucola, or arugula, but Rocket and Parmesan Salad

You say rucola, he say arugula, I say rocket but whatever you call the spicy salad leaf it works perfectly with another Italian classic - parmesan. Ideal for clean living Californian types as they align their chakras in anticipation of another day in paradise.


The not so cheeky Chicken & Chorizo Burger

America's Spanish heritage and proximity to Mexico means Hispanic flavours abound and one perfect example of cross border harmony is the Tex-Mex classic Chicken & Chorizo Burger. Or, in a nod to the neighbours in Mexico and their newly UNESCO World Heritage anointed street food, swap chorizo and chicken for chilli in the Three Bean Chilli. Arriba!


The not only New York Falafel

The Levant (the eastern bit of the Mediterranean) has produced some of the world's great foodstuffs, but also some of the world's biggest punch ups. In New York, disagreement continues within the Middle Eastern community about where exactly the falafel was invented, but quite frankly who cares whether something originated in Egypt or Israel when it tastes so good?

Here at Original Travel we're very excited to have partnered with gourmet takeaway company, Deliverance, which has revolutionised the concept of the takeaway dinner by offering fresh, delicious meals to hungry Londoners. Say no to stodge and hello to Deliverance!