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The Beauty of Balance: Holidays to Detox and 'Retox'

The Beauty of Balance: Holidays to Detox and 'Retox'

Luxury holidays tend to fall very squarely into two very different camps. On the one hand are the health holidays: lung-busting hilltop hikes by day, healthy farm-fresh meals by night and a smattering of smoothies and spa treatments in between. They'll leave you feeling great but perhaps a little longing for a boozy evening followed by a calorie-packed breakfast the following morning. Enter the indulgent holidays. An extra glass of wine or two with lunch? Sure! Indulgent dinners day after day? Why the hell not! While you may be in heaven at the time, they might leave you feeling a little over-indulged. For the ultimate getaway, why not combine the two? Become a 'healthy hedonist' on your wellbeing holidays with the perfect balance of detoxing and retoxing. Here are a few ideas from the four corners of the globe to get you started...


Hiking and Feasting in the Dolomites

Italy's dreamy Dolomites mountain range set the stage for a wonderful wellness getaway with a side of well-earned indulgence. By day, work up a sweat while hiking up hills to snag sensationally scenic views at the top; racing through forests and across meadows by bike and - for the more intrepid - getting up close to the splendid rock faces while tackling thrilling climbing routes. Come evening, reward your sporting efforts with a stay in a luxury mountain hotel where you can pamper yourself to the max in the spa and feast on local specialities - think rich cheeses, olive oil, bread and wine - in the rustic restaurant.


Spirituality and Street-Eats in Bangkok

Bangkok, a city that pulses with spirituality and buzzes with colourful street life is the perfect destination for a holiday that offers as much opportunity to unwind and nourish the mind as it does to let loose. By day, take part in a guided meditation class at Wat Mahathat - one of the oldest temples in Bangkok. Assisted by English-speaking monks, learn to quieten your mind and reach a place of stillness and tranquillity. Come night, balance this out with a tuk-tuk food tour where you'll get the chance to gobble up plenty of mouth-watering street eats (a reward for your marvellous new meditation skills perhaps?). From Tod Mun Pla Krai (Thai fish cakes) to Gai Tod (fried chicken) washed down with a fabulous cocktail in the city's vibrant Soi Nana district, you'll be seriously spoiled.


Lakes and Luxury in California

Head to California for a holiday that will leave you feeling pampered and in your prime. Begin your getaway with a trip to Lake Tahoe - the largest lake in North America - where you can take part in a wealth of wonderful wilderness activities. Hit the trails as you hike and bike around the lake (either the whole way or just a few bits here are there) and try your hand at a range of watersports from paddleboarding and parasailing to boating and jet skiing. Next, balance out all your detoxing activities with the retoxing portion of your trip in the gorgeous Napa Valley wine region. Spend your days relaxing in a luxurious country retreat and your evenings drinking plenty of vino and dining in a restaurant with not one, but three Michelin stars.


Hiking and Hedonism in Africa

In Cape Town, South Africa's uber-cool capital, enjoy a gorgeous getaway with the perfect balance of health and hedonism. Begin your days bright and early with a morning sunrise walk (or jog) up the lofty Lions Head mountain where, from the top, you'll get the chance to take part in a sky-high yoga class complete with dizzyingly beautiful city views. Next, head back down to earth for stand up paddleboarding around the bay followed by an energising breakfast at your hotel. Then, in the afternoon, indulge in a tongue-tingling tasting menu and wine pairing (the perfect opportunity to win back your lost calories).