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Slow Amazing - Our Favourite 'Slow Travel' Destinations for 202à

Slow Amazing - Our Favourite 'Slow Travel' Destinations for 202à

Here at Original Travel, we're big believers in the benefits of Slow Travel (which we define as travelling by modes of transport other than plane or car; such as train, horse, walking, biking, boating and more). As well as giving you the chance to appreciate and connect with your surroundings - which you simply can't do when flying or driving - Slow Travel is better for the environment meaning you can enjoy your getaways guilt-free. Read on to discover our top Slow Travel Destinations for 2020.


Slow Zambia

Forget the concept of a breakneck-paced 'Ferrari safari' on an epic slow travel adventure in Zambia; walking and paddling your way around, and spotting incredible wildlife as you go. Whether you go truly wild while tracking big game on wonderful walking safaris in South Luangwa National Park or prefer to canoe your way down the Lower Zambezi National Park to view game and birds from a whole new perspective, you'll be guided by passionate and knowledge experts every step (or paddle stroke) of the way.


Slow Indonesia

Boats are brilliant, and boats that sail between islands in the incredible Indonesian archipelago are even more so. On your adventure you can experience the treasures of multiple islands including Sumbawa, Komodo, Flores and Alor, as well as the magical marine world beneath the waves on snorkelling and diving escapades, all while you enjoy the sweet, slow pace of life on a liveaboard boat.


Slow Australia

Australia as a whole lends itself to slowing down. With its laidback, beach bum persona and 'she'll be right' attitude, you'll find yourself seamlessly adopting the slower pace of life that Oz is known for from the second that you arrive. For a different perspective on this vast destination (fun fact: Australia is 300 miles wider than the moon!), take one of the country's famous long-distance trains, or take to your own two feet to explore one or more of the Great Walks of Australia. Trek your way through Queensland and sink into beach life; watch out for whales as you hike from cape to cape near Perth in Western Australia; get wild in Tasmania where you can reward successful daily hikes with evening meals with delicious local produce; or combine two wonderfully slow activities in one in South Australia with easy hikes along the Murray River Walk interspersed with nights aboard a houseboat.


Slow Spain

In addition to that sweet sweet siesta time that guarantees a slow start to the afternoon, Spain is also excellent for travelling slowly. Experience the Andalusian countryside, including the beautiful Donana National Park on the coast, from horseback as an expert guide talks you through the local flora and fauna.


Slow Galapagos

The Galapagos is practically made for slow travel. Cruise around the 18 volcanic islands with expert guides and stop off at interesting spots where you can continue the slow theme with hikes around to spot the fascinating flora and fauna that so inspired Charles Darwin.


Slow Egypt

Experience slow travel in style as you cruise along the Nile aboard the Steam Ship Sudan. This elegant ship inspired Agatha Christie's famous novel Death on the Nile, and we're sure you'll be suitably inspired as you cruise from ancient city to historic wonder of the world in the knowledgeable hands of expert guides along the way.

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