Once in a Lifetime Experiences

Once in a Lifetime Experiences

Planet Earth plays host to some seriously epic events. There are those that happen every year, such as Holi Festival (the world's most colourful celebration) and the Great Wildebeest Migration through Tanzania and Kenya (the largest overland migration in the world). And then there are the Once in a Lifetime events, the experiences that are only available for a limited amount of time, like a solar eclipse or the transformation of Venice from a tourist-trap to a tourist-free destination in the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic. Read on for a roundup of some of our favourite Once in a Lifetime experiences...


Beat the Crowds: Venice

In the age of overtourism, we have seen some of the world's best-loved destinations become completely overwhelmed by travellers and Venice was among the worst affected. Then along came a global pandemic and suddenly the tourists vanished. Now, as the world is beginning to open up again, the city is essentially tourist-fee making this the ideal time to visit. Drift along blissfully empty (and clear watered) canals on a gondola tour, marvel at St Mark's Square without another tourist in sight, and get wonderfully lost in the maze of whisper-quiet streets.


Total Solar Eclipse: South Africa

It's not every day that you get to witness a total solar eclipse. On December 4th, 2021 there is set to be a dramatic total eclipse of the sun which is up there with the best Once in a Lifetime events. Travel to Antarctica (an unbelievably cool destination - literally and metaphorically - well worth a trip in its own right) or make a beeline for parts of Southern Africa (including locations in South Africa) to witness this celestial wonder. If you want to continue the sightseeing, our Africa experts can arrange for unforgettable Big Five safaris and stays in luxurious camps in the wilderness for a trip of truly epic proportions.


Art Watch: Paris

35 years ago, The late artists Christo and Jeanne-Claude draped the Pont-Neuf in Paris in shimmering metallic fabric. Head to our favourite French city between 19th September to 4th October and you'll witness the wrapping of another city icon, this time the 164ft-tall Arc de Triomphe. A whopping 25,000 square metres of silvery blue, recyclable polypropylene fabric will encase the monument and transform it into a huge art installation well worth witnessing. Once you've ticked it off your list, there are galleries to explore, cute cafes perfect for people watching and leafy boulevards to wander along.

The very nature of Once in a Lifetime experiences means they don't come around too often. Our team of experts are always on the lookout for these now-or-never, needle-in-a-haystack experiences and are on hand to craft you an unforgettable itinerary so that when the time comes, you'll be able to nab front row seats for the action.