Mobile Camping (not Glamping) in Botswana

Mobile Camping (not Glamping) in Botswana

Cast aside any visions of fancy lodges and manicured camps, sometimes the best experiences come in more basic packages, which is exactly what I got when mobile camping in Botswana; just me, my tent, a long drop and a camp fire...


Wake up call

'Good morning Matt! Hot coffee on the fire!' is the wakeup call at 05:30 AM on a mobile safari. With this, you quickly rise from your camp bed and stumble into the African sunrise spilling into your tent. The staff kindly fill a canvas basin on your tent's porch with hot water. As you splash the water on your face, the realisation of your surroundings dawns on you once again. You're in the middle of the Botswanan bush, totally exposed to some of the most pristine wilderness areas that Earth still has left to offer.


Back to basics

Mobile safaris are all about reconnecting with nature and truly appreciating everything that the bush has to offer. Camping in a basic tent, eating food cooked on an open fire, and having first class, local guides allows you to properly engage with your safari experience, which a lot of people miss out on during more luxurious safaris.


Letaka Mobile Safari

Mobile safaris can last anywhere between three and 12 days, travelling around different areas of Botswana as I did on my Letaka Mobile Safari, getting to grips with the varying landscapes, wildlife and game reserves. You will spend your time during the day on your private game vehicle with your personal guide, exploring and interpreting the natural world. In the evening, you can look forward to a couple of beers by the fire, and some of the best home-cooking in Africa. Our chef was a veritable wizard with a braai-grid and coal oven, whipping up tasty treats such as lime and coriander soup, a huge Botswana beef fillet, and home-made lemon drizzle cake; all from scratch.

This type of experience is incredibly pure, being very eco-friendly and really intertwining with the natural world around your camp. Exploring areas such as the Khwai Community Concession, Moremi Game Reserve, Chobe or the Kalahari, the diversity and richness of game really showcases why seasoned safari-goers keep returning to Botswana.


Why I love mobile safaris...

Mobile safaris really do tick all of the boxes and can be on a shared or private departure basis. They can have a focus on whatever you desire, that being photography, birding or Big Five game viewing. For anyone with a strong desire to have an authentic and nature-focused experience in the solitude of the African bush, think mobile safari.