Let's Talk "Deep Cuts"

Let's Talk "Deep Cuts"

Nope, we're not making a political commentary on the state of the economy and we've not been listening to too much Cat Stevens (obviously that's not possible). We're talking about the Urban Dictionary definition (which technically pertains to music... but let's not dwell on that): true gems that are found later in an album. To put a travel spin on it, we're talking about destinations and experiences that offer a similar vibe to some of the most loved places on the planet but are more under the radar. That is to say, they are the deep cuts of the travel world. So if you're a 'been there, done that, where's next?' kind of traveller, or are just looking for somewhere a bit different, here are a few of our favourite deep cuts...


Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ljubljana may be impossible to spell but it certainly gets our vote for a city break typified by beautiful architecture and a distinct (and welcome) lack of stags on tour. Comparisons with Prague do this pint-sized city no harm; Ljubljana packs quite the punch with its windy streets, cobbled piazzas and perfect blend of Slavic, Latin and Germanic influences.


Borobudur, Indonesia

While tourists flock in their droves every year to gape in awe at Cambodia's temples of Angkor Wat (and with good reason, they really are spectacular), the Borobudur complex in Indonesia is equally impressive. Controversial, but go with it: dating back to the 8th and 9th centuries, this colossal Buddhist monument comprises ten tiers of stonework and statues, looming large over undulating rice paddies and swaying palms.



Uruguay is a perfect distillation of everything that's fantastic about better-known Argentina (which is why so many Argentinians holiday here) - think beautiful beaches, rolling hills, delectable wine, authentic gaucho experiences and fascinating colonial history. And all within easy reach of each other. Add to that a selection of lovely boutique hotels and you're onto a winner.


Truffle Hunting in Istria, Croatia

Think truffle hunting, think Tuscany right? Well, yes but you could also think Istria. This Croatian gem has learnt a thing or two from its Italian neighbours and is the place to go in Croatia for top-notch food and wine. Head to Buzet and the nearby Motovun forest in search of both black and white truffles and soak up the glory of Tuscany, without the price tag.



Wild card alert! Not so much a deep cut of another destination but of the planet in general - Madagascar is, quite simply, unlike anywhere on earth. Not only is 80% of the flora and fauna endemic to the island but culturally it is a huge mish-mash of African, European and Asian influences, without actually feeling like any one of them. If you haven't cottoned on yet, we're major fans of this relatively undiscovered gem, and you should be too!