Howling huskies, Swedish Lapland

Howling huskies, Swedish Lapland

The huskies are born to run... Swedish Lapland is the perfect place to enjoy a dog-sledding safari, driving your own team of Siberian huskies and staying in remote private wilderness cabins each night. Guests are encouraged to get hands on, and the interaction with the pure bred Siberian huskies is the highlight, as you feed them and help put them down for the night in their kennels.


Born to run

They are incredibly affectionate and boisterous and quite literally born to run and it's very refreshing to know they are desperate to be part of a team. When the guide is picking dogs for the journey, they all howl and bay over-excitedly in the hope that they get picked.


Word of warning

Once they are off, they will not stop running, so there's one word of advice about falling off - don't, or you might have a long walk.