Hotels in Manaus and the Amazon Basin

Hotels in Manaus and the Amazon Basin


By far and away the most elegant and comfortable lodge in the Amazon. Simple.

Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge is a small and exclusive hotel in the heart of the Amazon taking its name from the Anavilhanas, the world's largest fresh water archipelago. The Lodge is by the black waters of the aptly named Rio Negro and blessed with the sounds, smells and mysteries of the Amazon Jungle, providing the perfect balance between nature and comfort, adventure and peace. Each suites in this charming lodge is styled in a rustic manner incorporating nature and comfort. All modern amenities are provided; en-suite bathrooms, mini bars, air-conditioning and personal hammocks. The hotel's restaurant sits beside the Rio Negro, serving a menu of classic traditional dishes with international cuisine in a laid back but diligent manner. But the best thing about this lodge is the wealth of activities available, chaperoned hiking and diving, swimming with pink river dolphin, birdwatching, jungle walks, exploring the canals, lakes and islands of the archipelago in a dug-out canoe, visiting the local communities, alligator spotting and piranha fishing.

Why We Love It

Despite its location in a vast stretch of untouched rainforest, Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge is mosquito free.


Tupaiu Private Yacht

The Tapajos Region is still undiscovered by mass tourism and offers a more remote - but still comfortable - option for adventurous travellers looking to explore the Amazon.

What is special about this region is that there are three types of rivers within close distance of each other: black, blue and yellow waters, each with their own ecosystem. Cruising the warm and calm waters of the Amazon's Tapajos region in a private boat makes for a wonderful family holiday, as kids will be fascinated by the wildlife and the surroundings, not to mention the beautiful beaches.

Experiences to be enjoyed throughout the trip include forest trekking, visits to indigenous communities, river cruising, landing on Amazon beaches and having them all to yourselves for lounging, sunbathing and having dinners under moonlight. This trip combines well with a couple of nights in Manaus or at a jungle lodge.

The Tupaiu is a very comfortable 60ft yacht, with three air-conditioned en suite cabins for adults and two kids' cabins with bunk beds and no bathroom. The living room, dining room and library are all spacious communal areas and there is plenty of room to roam and relax outdoors too. The crew consists of a naturalist guide, a host and the captain, sailor, chef and maid.

Why We Love It

French explorer Jacques Cousteau dubbed the Tapajos region the 'Caribbean of the Amazon', owing to its white sandy beaches.