Experience the Seville Feria

Experience the Seville Feria

No one parties like the Spaniards...


Seville Feria

The week of the Seville Feria is a vivacious celebration of life. In the week following Semana Santa (Holy Week) the city comes alive during this Seville Ferial, with a highly animated crowd who chat, laugh, eat and drink day in day out in the city tapas bars lining the narrow, cobbled streets of the old Moorish medina. Musicians perform to small, intimate crowds on street corners while horse and carriages clip clop around the city, with couples or families making their way to the next bull fight. The colours in Seville at this time are phenomenal, most noticeably in the Sevillana dresses and flowers worn by the women.


Sherry, jamon, and dancing with strangers

During the Seville Feria itself, row upon row upon row of casetas (mini marquees) line the sandy streets of the appropriately named Feria de Abril district. People wander around, manzanilla sherry (finer than fino, we think) in one hand, jamon iberico in the other, dancing the Sevillana with strangers. This being Spain, this Seville Feria continues 24/7 from midnight on Tuesday until midnight on Sunday and is enjoyed by everyone from children to pensioners.