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Bon Appetit! Our Favourite Food Holidays Around the World

Bon Appetit! Our Favourite Food Holidays Around the World

Travel is an activity that activates all the senses - especially the taste buds. Whether it's just-caught lobster in Nova Scotia, a rich and creamy pasta dish in Italy, or a little bit of everything in foodie haven, Melbourne, feasting on local delicacies is a great way to sink your teeth into a new destination and get a taste for the culture (we couldn't help ourselves). Read on for a roundup of our favourite food holidays around the world...


All-Round Indulgence in Italy

If you fancy a seriously indulgent food holiday, Italy is the place. Land of pizza, pasta and gelato, this is definitely somewhere to avoid if you're watching your waistline, but with flavours this good we're guessing most people would be willing to ditch their diet. Head to Rome for excellent restaurants and criminally good pizza; Umbria for truffle foraging and freshly made pasta (by apron-wearing nonnas, of course); and Tuscany for the finest fresh fare (rumour has it that the tomatoes there are among the best in the world).

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Tapas Treats in Spain

The best kind of food holidays are the ones where at least half your day is spent stuffing your face with delicious treats and where better to do just that than Spain, where tapas bars beckon at every street corner? Whether you aim for the cool coastal city of San Sebastian - home to the best pintxo bars (Northern Spain's take on tapas) - the bright lights of Barcelona, or the sunny streets of Seville, you can be sure that there's plenty of patatas bravas to go around.

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Seafood in Nova Scotia, Canada

The coastal province of Nova Scotia in Eastern Canada is a haven for seafood lovers. The lobster, in particular, is exquisite and you'll find it prepared in just about every way imaginable, from lobster rolls to lobster poutine and even lobster beer. Take a seat in one of the many excellent seafood restaurants (we can recommend the top places to try) or head to the beach for an alfresco dinner on the sand, and let the feasting begin!

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A Little Bit of Everything in Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne's melting pot of cultures is reflected in its eclectic dining scene. Food-focussed holidays here are all about diversity and the city boasts numerous eating destinations: visit

Richmond for Vietnamese, Carlton's 'Little Italy', Fitzroy for Spanish (and the best brunch spots), and Brunswick for Lebanese, as well as the popular Chinatown where you can challenge your tastebuds to a fiery Szechuan chilli dish. Melbourne is also home to some great food markets including South Melbourne Market - a lively indoor market - and the Queen Victoria Night Market which comes alive when the sun goes down.

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Gourmet Food and Fine Wine in Cape Town, South Africa

The South African city of Cape Town, and the nearby Winelands, are Africa's go-to destinations for gourmet fare and fine wines. By day, meander around the local markets to sample tasty artisanal food (The Old Biscuit Mill in Woodstock is our personal favourite) and then come night, take your pick from a huge selection of excellent restaurants serving every cuisine under the sun from Moroccan and Greek to Thai and Zulu.

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Slow Food in Oaxaca, Mexico

If the thought of fast food turns your stomach, venture to the Mexican city of Oaxaca where every dish has a magic ingredient: time. Whether it's an on-the-go enchilada in one of the excellent food markets, or a slow-cooked stew in a fancy restaurant, the food here is full of flavour and expertly prepared using traditional ingredients and ancient recipes that have survived thanks to the commitment of local cooks and communities to maintaining local culinary customs.

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Local Flavours in Athens and Naxos, Greece

Sunny Greece is home to some of our favourite summer flavours: crumbly feta cheese, freshly-caught fish, creamy yoghurt and sinfully sweet honey. The best way to get a taste of the country's cuisine is to spend some time in the country's capital, Athens, touring local markets and speciality food stores with a local chef before ferrying across to the island of Naxos (the largest of the Cyclades Islands) to indulge in fine wines, local cheeses, seriously good seafood and Kitron (a local lemon liqueur).

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