Itinerary Highlights
    • Feed your sense of adventure with 11 days bouncing between volcanoes, jungle, beaches and cities
    • Immerse yourself in local culture with a trip to an Andean market, cooking with an indigenous family and a visit to a chocolate factory
    • Stay active with volcano hikes and island snorkelling, as well as opportunities for horse riding and wildlife-watching hikes

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From hikes through thick Amazonian jungle and scarlet sunsets over the rolling waves of the Pacific, to watching llamas roam free while scaling a volcano, this family holiday in Ecuador promises the adventure of a lifetime. The first chapter of your getaway takes place between Otavalo and Quito, where you’ll be immersing yourselves in local culture during a cooking class with an indigenous family, a trip to the colourful Andean market and a walking tour of the capital’s colonial centre. Then it’s off into the heart of the Ecuadorian wilderness for five days of active adventures, between the scenic slopes of the high-altitude Cotopaxi Volcano and the lush tropical forests of the Amazon jungle.
The final chapter of this journey takes you to the enchanting shores of Ecuador’s central Pacific Ocean – a haven of scenic coastal beauty that blends opportunities for adventure with plenty of space for some quality R&R.


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Your family adventure to Ecuador begins today. After you’ve made sure that every member of your family is packed and ready to go, head to the airport, whizz through security and relax in the airport lounge as you await departure. The flight time to Quito is around 14 hours (including a layover in a major airport hub), so be sure to have plenty of entertainment lined up for the youngsters. A private driver will be waiting for you on arrival to whisk you off to Otavalo, a beautiful market town nestled high in the Andean highlands, a two-hour drive away. Your home for the next two nights here is a historic hotel in the centre of town. The rest of today is then yours to spend experiencing local life in the Andes; take a gentle stroll through town, before getting your first taste of Ecuadorian cuisine at the hotel’s restaurant this evening.



Rise and shine to make the most of your first full day in the Andean highlands. After a hearty breakfast this morning, you’ll be met by an experienced local guide for an adventurous day in and around Otavalo. Begin with a short hike to Lake Cuicocha, a startlingly-blue crater lake perched at the bottom of a volcano. When your tummies start to grumble, head to the home of a local indigenous family to learn all about ancestral ingredients and cooking techniques, before helping to cook up a selection of delicious dishes to enjoy together. Walk off your meal with a stroll though the daily Otavalo market, the most famous indigenous market in the Andes. Drift between fruits and vegetables, ceramics and baskets, embroidery and woolen fabrics, as well as countless other colourful stalls. Keep an eye out for the indigenous Kichwa vendors, identified by their brown felt hats and blue ponchos. The rest of today is yours to play with. We can arrange for you to continue your day of cultural immersion with a visit to a musical instrument workshop to meet a Kichwa musician, or you ccan head back to your hotel to relax and enjoy the facilities there after your busy day of exploring.



Your cultural exploration of Andean Ecuador changes pace today, as you swap the indigenous roots of Otavalo for the colonial grandeur of Quito. After breakfast this morning you’ll be privately transferred back to the capital, where you’ll check in for two nights at an elegant hotel in the heart of the historic centre. After settling in and freshening up, spend the rest of the day getting to know your new city surroundings. You’ll have our coveted destination-specific Dossier on hand, which is full of our tried-and-tested recommendations for bars and restaurants in the area.



On today’s agenda is a private walking tour of the UNESCO-listed Old Town, one of the best preserved historic centres in all of Latin America. From the adorable single-story colourful homes, with their Spanish balconies, to the imposing civil and religious buildings rising at every turn, walking through the streets is like stepping back in time. Your guide will lead you to some of the neighbourhood’s most important historic buildings, such as the Cathedral, Carondelet Palace and the Saint Francis Church, which houses the Virgen de Quito, a wooden sculpture of the Virgin Mary venerated throughout the northern Andes. Between stops, mum and dad can enjoy Canelazo (an alcoholic tea made with aguardiente, sugar, water and cinnamon), while the youngsters munch on delightfully sweet and fluffy quesadillas. Round off your discovery of the Old Town with a visit to a chocolate factory, where you’ll have the chance to make your own bar of chocolate cocoa. This is a great way to delve into the intricacies of producing the world’s favourite sweet treat, from melting and moulding to adding nuts or dried fruits. While the chocolate cools, enjoy an ice cream or hot drink – but make sure not to spoil your appetite so you can sample your handmade delight.



Your family adventure in Ecuador continues today with an hour-and-a-half drive to Cotopaxi National Park. After a delicious breakfast at your hotel this morning, you’ll be collected and driven through an ever-changing landscape of residential neighbourhoods, countryside villages and, finally, past impressive towering volcanos in the distance. On arrival, settle in for two nights at a charming hotel surrounded by nature, and spend the rest of the day enjoying your new rural surroundings. Head out for a gentle walk around the area, enjoy the facilities at the hotel, or if you’re feeling active, we can arrange a private horse riding adventure through the national park.



While the little ones are resting up ready for the day ahead, we recommend mum and dad wake up bright and early to enjoy the incredible sunrise views over Cotopaxi Volcano (weather permitting). Following this, tuck into a filling breakfast with the whole family, before getting the kids prepped and primed for a day of outdoorsy adventures. On today’s itinerary is a guided drive though Cotopaxi National Park. This superb nature reserve is home to 34,000 hectares of protected Andean wilderness, where llamas, wild horses and Andean wolves roam free. There is also the unmissable namesake volcano, which at 19,300ft, is the highest active volcano in the world. Begin with an acclimatisation walk around the serene shores of the Limpiopungo Lagoon, before journeying up to an altitude of 14,500ft by car. On a clear day, you can enjoy beautiful panoramic views of the Valley of Volcanoes, home to the rumbling peaks of Illinizas, Antisana, Cayambe and Tungurahua. Head back to your hotel later today for an evening of R&R, good food and perhaps a spot of stargazing.



Wave goodbye to the rugged Andean highlands (and your alpaca hat), as you’re privately driven five hours through mountain ranges and lush emerald landscapes towards the Amazon basin. Before you know it, you’ll be in the heart of the Amazon: a region of thick forest and jungle waters, where the roads are rivers and the paths are streams. Your next destination is an enchanting eco-friendly lodge near Puerto Misahualli, one of Ecuador’s gateways to the Amazon. The rest of today is then yours to spend settling into your new surroundings – adjust to the hot and humid temperatures, breathe in the fragrant jungle air, listen to the sounds of tropical birds outside, admire the vibrant colours of plants and butterflies, and get your first taste of some delicious Amazonian specialities at dinner this evening.



Wake up to the sound of birdsong coming from the trees and get ready for a day full of jungle adventures. Your lodge will organise one or two activities per day (depending on local weather conditions), such as naturalist walks to discover the birds, reptiles, insects and medicinal plants that call the Amazon home; a visit to a national Amazonian community deep in the jungle; an evening observing the nocturnal wildlife that live near your lodge; a walk from the village of Misahualli to a six-century-old tree; or a mountainous walk on a marked trail up to Las Latas Waterfall, one of the most treasured natural wonders of the region.



Bid the thick emerald vegetation of the jungle a warm adieu as you journey on to your next destination: a tucked away coastal enclave on Ecuador’s central Pacific Coast, near the port city of Manta. After breakfast this morning, you’ll be collected by a private driver and whisked four hours back to the capital, where you’ll be dropped at the airport and guided through security, before a one hour domestic flight to Manta. On arrival, you’ll be privately transferred to a luxurious family-friendly hotel perched right on the coast, where you’ll be staying for the next two nights. The rest of the day is then yours to spend soaking in the ocean panoramas of your delightful new digs, before tucking into some fresh seafood at the restaurant this evening.

DAY 10


Today is all about enjoying Manta’s beautiful collection of beaches. First head to Santa Marianita for a long stroll along the kilometre-long stretch of golden sand, try your hand at a spot of sailing or surfing at San Lorenzo, and settle in for an epic sunset at Murciélago. When you’re ready for a dose of culture, make your way to Manta, a pleasant seaside town founded long before the arrival of European conquistadors. The arrival of the Spanish did, however, strongly influence the town’s architecture, and you can discover this for yourself with a stroll through the historic centre. We could also arrange for you to spend half of today exploring the lush tropical forests of the Pacoche Reserve with a private guide.

DAY 11


After a hearty breakfast at your hotel this morning, bundle the family back into a private car and sit back, relax and enjoy the coastal views as you’re driven two-and-a-half hours down the Pacific. Your final destination in Ecuador is La Rinconada, a beautiful beach town bordered by ocean and thick tropical forest. On arrival, check in for two nights to a cosy cabin nestled on the hill overlooking the coast, and spend the rest of today settling into the rhythm of your new surroundings. You could head down to the beach for some fun in the sun before enjoying another surreal sunset. We could also arrange a visit to a panama hat workshop, or a horse riding adventure in Machalilla National Park.

DAY 12


Spend your last full-day in Ecuador in absolute style: boating out to the idyllic El Sucre Island with a private guide. Located just off the coast and forming part of the the Machalilla National Park, El Sucre is a magnet for flourishing wildlife. The array of native birds that call this island paradise home include blue-footed seabirds, pelicans and gulls. The clear waters that surround the island are perfect for snorkelling to observe colourful marine life, such as clown fish mahouts and other tropical species. Head back to your hotel this evening for one final evening of delicious food, excellent views and family conversations about all the experiences you’ve shared over the last 12 days.

DAYS 13 & 14


Sadly, the time has come to pack away your flip-flops and sun hats for the final time, and embark on the journey home. After one last beach stroll and a dip in the ocean this morning, settle in for a three-hour private transfer to the airport in Guayaquil. On arrival, head through security and escape the crowds with some down time in the airport lounge as you await departure. Most flights back to the UK depart in the evening and take around 15 hours (including a layover in a major airport hub), so you’ll spend tonight on board and touch down on home turf tomorrow morning.

A la carte


Discover the remarkable musical heritage of the indigenous Amazonian Kichwas during this visit to an instrument workshop. This is a great opportunity to learn about the manufacturing techniques of wind instruments used in Andean folk music, including a host of different pan flutes.


About a hundred kilometers south of Quito, the park is home to the highest active volcano in the world, peaking at 5,897 meters – a perfect cone that stands out along the skyline. Around it, the 34,000 hectare nature reserve is home to a rich Andean fauna which roams freely here: llamas, wild horses, Andean wolves, and sometimes even the majestic condor. Exploring the park on horseback, on very calm mounts, allows you to easily navigate the climbing paths that lead to the heights of the Ruminahui volcano, from which a spectacular view of the surrounding area is revealed.


Located in one of the last semi-dry tropical forests, the Pacoche private reserve extends across 10 hectares, in the heart of a marine and coastal refuge of more than 13,000 hectares. Its fascinating microclimate serves as a habitat for countless species characteristic of the region, including howler monkeys and more than 250 species of birds, 55 of which are classed as endemic. There are also bamboo, shawl and cady trees, from which tagua (vegetable ivory) is produced. Enjoy a guided hike along two beautiful trails that crisscross through the dense forest.


While the city of Cuenca might come in top as the most well-known manufacturer of panamas (toquilla straw hats), it’s the small town of Montecristi, just thirty minutes south of Manta, that stands proud as the original inventor of this iconic hat. Head into the heart of a panama hat factory to learn all about the expert technique developed by the people of Manabi, to obtain the fine and airy hat made from braided palm leaves. Continue on to a tagua workshop to discover the vegetable ivory produced by cady trees, which serves as the basis for many local handicraft objects.


Boasting one of the largest protected areas on the Ecuadorian coast, the magnificent Machalilla National Park is home to a beautiful combination of dry tropical forest and cloud forest. The park also harbours a stunning collection of beaches and islets, where you can admire vestiges of Manta’s proud culture. Discover this sweeping natural wonder on foot and on horseback in the company of a knowledgeable guide.

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The cost for this trip starts from £3,600 to £5,040 per person.

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The average starting price for this trip is £4,300 per person.
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