Take one incredible destination; add a charismatic authority with expertise on said destination; sprinkle into the mix a small group of like-minded and discerning individuals; leave to marinade in extraordinary experiences, and then serve memories to last a lifetime. Welcome to our Small Group Tours, coming soon to a place far from you.

Just occasionally an expert's insight is too vital for our (ahem, multi award-winning) tailor-made holidays to cut the mustard. That's why the focus for our Small Group Tours is on the experts themselves. Amelia Stewart, founder of Simoon Travel (part of the Original Travel family) and a world-class guide in her own right, leads some of the trips herself, but has also chosen the best possible experts for each particular trip. After all, what better way to explore the most original corners of our astonishing planet than in the company of someone who knows the lie of the land and can scratch beneath the surface to bring it all vividly to life?

The trips themselves have two things in common: the experts and, of course, Originality. Just as the experts are a diverse and distinctly different bunch, so are the Small Group Tours themselves. Some broaden the mind, some push the body to its physical limits and some are all about immersion in unfamiliar cultures… sometimes all at the same time.

And as with all our trips there are healthy doses of Original Thinking in there as well. Some of the Small Group Tours might be pioneer trips, where we offer substantial discounts for you to experience the beta-testing or dress rehearsal trips, and there are also discounts for anyone who wants to privatise a specific trip and fill it with their own friends and family. Please contact Amelia for more details. Finally, we are working with all our experts to make sure that local charities in all these destinations see some benefit from the trips.

So, enough from us. Please revisit this page over the next couple of months as we add more amazing Small Group Tours to the portfolio.


Original Thinking

Camels, Dubai
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Every Small Group Tour is an opportunity to experience a place, a people or a natural phenomenon in the company of someone who can bring it even more vividly to life. Small groups, big experiences, basically.



Small Group Tour: Highlights of Persia

Small Group Tour: Highlights of Persia

Something of a must for culture vultures, Iran – or Persia, as it was once known – is an eclectic feast for the senses, and this is the time to explore a country which is very much on the rise. Soak up the compelling history as you travel from one city of rare beauty to another across the striking landscapes, meeting locals eager to share their rich heritage.

Blue Dome

Small Group Tour: Cities of the Silk Road

Join our Uzbekistan Silk Road tour to visit one of the most historically rich and culturally fascinating countries on earth.

Small Group Tour: Timkat, History and Heritage in Northern Ethiopia

Small Group Tour: Timkat, History and Heritage in Northern Ethiopia

Guided by our own Amelia Stewart from Simoon Travel, partnered with a guest lecturer, discover the spectacular northern region of Ethiopia, once home to some of the greatest ancient civilisations such as Gondar, with its medieval castles and palaces, and Lalibela with its extraordinary rock hewn churches. This trip also takes in Timkat, the most joyous occasion in the Ethiopian calendar.


Small Group Tour: Culture in the High Caucasus - 28th May - 8th June

Tour the high Caucasus with our very own Amelia Stewart, fabulous guide and founder of Simoon Travel.

Small Group Tour: A Mongolia Adventure

Small Group Tour: A Mongolia Adventure

Explore the vast steppes, the thriving capital of Ulaanbaatar, meet the local nomadic people and stay overnight in a traditional ger on this inaugural Original Travel small group tour to Mongolia.

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