With tracks extending across most of the country, travelling by train is by far the most scenic (and sustainable) way to hop between Thailand’s high-speed cities. Thailand train travel also allows you to fully appreciate the kaleidoscope of lush landscapes along the way, with the tracks snaking their way through tiered tea plantations, vibrant rice paddies and past golden coastline. The Mahachai Line even takes you directly into the hectic Mae Klong Railway Market, for a truly novel experience which sees vendors retracting their stalls’ awnings as trains whizz by. For a more peaceful excursion,
board the sleeper train in Bangkok and snooze your way through the journey while being gently rocked to sleep by the sway of the train, before rising refreshed in Chiang Mai.

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We had a great time. Everything went well and according to the plan. The hotels were all outstanding and in Samui we got a free upgrade to one of their residences with a private pool - what an experience.
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