Frenetic and fantastically varied, India is difficult to define. With a population of over 1.3 billion, a land mass of over 11.5 million square miles and an impressive 22 official languages, anything goes in this wonderfully chaotic country. From the sun-splashed and palm-fringed beaches of the tropical south to the cloud-covered Himalayas in the north, India boasts plenty of tantalizing topography. And the beauty of travelling alone means you have the time to truly immerse yourself in it all. Dedicate a couple of days to Vishnu and Shiva on a temple tour up the country’s southwest coast or take
an Eat Pray Love style pilgrimage along the Ganges to Varanasi – the so-called ‘City of Light’. If your tastebuds are tingling, take a culinary tour of India’s restless cities, where rickshaws and motorbikes weave through stalls of creamy kulfi ice cream, cardamon curries and Darjeeling tea. India solo travel really never tasted so good.

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Our trip to India was epic. Original Travel did it again, a fantastic, well planned trip with all the things we like. Can't say enough good things about the app. We also love the Concierge service. It was such personal service. He was there for us throughout our trip, contacting us every few days as we moved from city to city. We knew he was a text away with an immediate answer to our questions. We love Original Travel and are hooked on the personalized service and effortless travel to remote areas of the world. It was truly epic, we can't explain our trip to friends because it was out of this world wonderful. I know our neighbours are heading to Japan with you next month and I believe a few of our friends will be contacting you too. We rave about OT. Thank you so much!
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