Lamanai Outpost Lodge is situated on the banks of a 28 mile long lagoon amid the remnants of a major Mayan city.

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The variety of surrounding habitats mean that nature-based and adventurous activities are possible all year round, without the need of transport or lengthy journeys.

Lamanai Outpost Lodge's cabanas all have private bathrooms, hot water, mini bar and verandah. Although there are only two air conditioned rooms, natural ventilation is excellent, courtesy of ceiling fans and a breeze that comes in from the lagoon.

Close by, the jungle-shrouded temples of Lamanai Maya ruins encompass over 700 structures, a visitor's centre and a museum. Whether you are exploring the ruins or watching the sun rise over Crab Catcher Lagoon, you won't have to share the experience with many others.

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Come here to escape your fellow man; the nearest tourist lodge or hotel is over 70 miles away.

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