St Lucia Holidays: An Overview

Incredible pristine beaches? Check. Lush flora and fauna? Check. Green covered mountains? Check. Wonderfully tasty cuisine? Check. Mixture of English and French heritage? Check. Luxury holiday in St Lucia?...

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Why we think you’ll love it

  • The North and South of the island provide noticeable contrasts, with the South all about the Pitons - the island's defining feature - a World Heritage Site consisting of two volcanic mountains, and the North being the place to party.
  • Head to 'Jump Up' on a Friday to dance with the locals and experience true St Lucian culture.
  • The best way to see St Lucia is from a boat, so when all of that limin' (better known as chilling in English) gets too much, whizz down the coast with a cool box full of Pitons (the local beer, named after the eponymous mountains) to enjoy the idyllic beaches and spectacular landscape of the South.

St Lucia Luxury Holidays: The Detail

With miles of unspoiled rainforest, dramatic mountain ranges and rugged coastline, a luxury holiday to St Lucia is not your typical Caribbean Island experience. However, don't let this put you off, it is its diversity that makes it all the more interesting, and we know the best places to stay and best things to do in order to make the most out of your stay.

Did you know

  • St Lucia is one of the most volcanic among the Caribbean islands
  • Castries is the capital of St Lucia
  • Queen Elizabeth II is head of St Lucia, due to its membership of the Commonwealth
  • The island's national bird is the St Lucia parrot, which is native only on St Lucia
  • St Lucian food is a combination of French and Creole cuisine with West Indian influences

St Lucia has a rich cultural history, with both French and English heritage, and the island offers a multitude of luxury holiday activities that make it stand out from its Caribbean neighbours.

Snorkel between the Pitons, climb them or just take in the outstanding natural beauty of the area as you laze on the pristine white beaches. Adventure and relaxation are both on the cards while holidaying in St Lucia, and we have found some of the best properties that give you the best of both.

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