A flying safari over the vast expanse of Namibia's Skeleton Coast has to be one of the best things I have ever done. For those seeking the ultimate in tailor made holidays, I urge you to consider this incredible experience...

Experience of a lifetime

A flying safari along Namibia's Skeleton Coast has to be one of the best things I have ever been lucky enough to do - a genuine once in a lifetime experience and something that should definitely be on everyone's essential travel list. I know it's already up there on many of the Original Travel gang's!

I have never been anywhere more remote

The ultimate way to do this trip is with the Schoeman family. They fly their own planes and the various family members act as your experienced pilots and guides. I stayed for three nights in three different camps across the Skeleton Coast National Park. Each day was packed with new experiences, incredible scenery and insights into one of the world's last remaining wilderness areas. Accommodation is relatively basic but the luxury is in the locations - I have never been anywhere more remote, and the scenery and variety of landscapes is unbelievable.

Many highlights

Highlights for me included swooping down onto vast, isolated (and windy!) beaches to have a picnic lunch surrounded by ship wrecks, seal colonies and little else for miles. I also very much enjoyed sliding down the huge dunes (hours of fun) and going on a boat trip on the Kunene river and stepping onto Angolan land for a few seconds to 'tick off' another country. Perhaps the ultimate moment was when I was given the controls of our Cessna 210 light aircraft and was allowed to take off and fly for a good 30 mins....although I'm not sure the rest of my group thought this was a highlight!

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