Ethiopian Festivals

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Enkutatash, Ledet, Meskel, Timkat, Hidar Tsion, Faskia, Debra Damo… the list of Ethiopian festivals is endless, so plan your trip to coincide with one of the many vibrant and colourful celebrations and experience this wonderfully hospitable country.

Ethiopians dress in their finest traditional costumes and lay on lavish feasts to pray and give thanks during festivals which often last two or three days. Pilgrims flock to religious sites in their thousand during the festival period, using every available method of transport and hotel room they can get their hands on. Consequently, travel can be difficult around the country during these times, so it is imperative to book your trip to an Ethiopian festival as early as possible so that we can secure you the best accommodation at the best sites and ensure you enjoy the most authentic experience.

The team at Original Travel know the Ethiopian festival calendar inside out, so whether you want to throw yourself into Fasilidas' Bath in Gondar dressed in white robes during Timkat or follow the colourful procession with a brocaded umbrella through the streets of Addis at Meskel, we will gladly advise you on where and when to go.

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