Saint Vincent and the Grenadines at a glance

Immerse yourself in the idyllic island life that St Vincent & the Grenadines has in spades. This pocket of paradise has a cluster of islands that thread their way through the heart of the Caribbean Sea, promising phosphorescent waters and pearly beaches (perfect for some serious rest and recuperation). Seclusion is king here and it’s nothing but beachside bliss, especially on the tiny (and aptly named) island of Petit St Vincent which is just two miles long and home to private cottages that are bursting with charm. There’s also the beautiful island of Bequia, which has slicks of sandy beaches that disappear into coves (perfect for diving, snorkelling, kayaking and more), or Tobago cays, where turtle watching, and a rich seafaring history await discovery.
Of course, there’s more than just sun, sea and hammock lounging here. In fact, this archipelago nation has volcanic climbs, waterfalls and hikes supplying unspoilt and expansive views across the countless islands, which leaves one question remaining... what are you waiting for?

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