For a little country nestled in the mountains of the Caucasus region of Eurasia, Georgia certainly packs a punch. It is a beautiful destination with a rich history, vibrant culture and stunning landscapes. With Georgia’s beauty comes varying climates and landscapes, with the country boasting both the towering Caucasus Mountains as well as the Black Sea. So, when is the best time to visit this gem of a country? Read on to find out.

June to August

If you're a fan of warm weather and sunshine, the summer months from June to August are the most popular time to visit Georgia. As the summer sun rises over the rugged mountains of the Caucasus, Georgia comes alive. The weather is pleasantly warm (although humid at times) with temperatures hovering between 22˚C and 24˚C and many of the country's outdoor attractions, such as hiking trails and mountain resorts, open and accessible. This is the only time of year that snow-free hiking can be guaranteed in Georgia. If a bit of R&R is what you’re looking for, head to the beaches that fringe the Black Sea. Although you will be joined by holidaying Georgians – this is peak season after all – you’ll have no trouble appreciating its scenic beaches and gentle surf.

April to May

Georgia’s spring shoulder season is a postcard-perfect scene. Picture wildflowers carpeting hidden valleys and winding mountain trails open to the public once again. Although the wintry weather can linger until April, this mild season is ideal if you're looking for a quieter and more affordable time to visit. As the gentle warmth of the sun spreads across the country, Georgia blossoms into a riot of colour; fields and hillsides are blanketed in a vibrant tapestry of wildflowers and herbs, painting the landscape in hues of pink, purple and yellow. The rivers and waterfalls are swollen with the melting snow, creating a symphony of rushing water and mist that shimmers in the early morning light. In late spring, snow on the mountains of Adjara and warm sea temperatures on the coast offer a chance to hit the slopes and swim all in the same day.

September to October

Georgia’s other shoulder season, September to October, is considered the ideal time for diving. Head to the Black Sea for some of Europe’s most exciting sites; shipwrecks in Kvariati, a sunken mussel farm in Gonio and a rock alley in Sarpi. As autumn hits and the leaves begin to turn shades of gold, orange and red, Georgia transforms into a picturesque wonderland of fall foliage. Make the most of the sea’s warm waters as snow begins to cap the mountains again, ready for the next winter season, and enjoy the lowland’s still mild temperatures.

December to February

Although chillier than the balmy summers, winter in Georgia is mild, with temperatures averaging between 4˚C and 7˚C. It is, however, a magical time to visit Georgia if you're a fan of snow and winter sports. As the mountainous regions of the country receive heavy snowfall, it is the perfect time for skiing, snowboarding and other dare devil winter activities. If you don’t fancy too much rain, avoid the west, especially in Adjara, even during the spring and summer.

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